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William Loney RN - Background

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Form No. 1.

MAXIMUM VALUE to be allowed for the Articles of EQUIPMENT of the undermentioned Officers.

RANKSEquipment, &c.If private propertyMaximum
to be
Uniform and Appoint-
Linen, &c. Bedding Boots and other neces-
Mess articles Total Table Linnen Bedding Plate Furni-
ture, &c.
 £££££££££££ s.
Flag Officers and Commodores of the First Class8040--10--13040306040300 0
Captains of the Fleet80402010--150--------150 0
Commodores of the Second Class and Captains6030--10--10030104020200 0
Captains of the Flag Ships, Inspectors and Deputy Inspectors-General, Secretaries to Admirals of the Fleet, and Paymasters-in-Chief60302010--120--------120 0
Commanders, Masters of the Fleet, Field Officers of Marines, Secretaries to Flag Officers and Commodores of the First Class Commanding-in-Chief, and Inspectors of Machinery afloat55251010--100--------100 0
Commander, when in command (in addition)------------20--251560 0
Lieutenants and Masters in Command40201010--8015--1510120 0
Lieutenants, Masters, Secretaries to Junior Flag Officers or Commodores, Chaplains, Staff-Surgeons, Surgeons, Paymasters, Chief Engineers, and Captains and other Officers of Marines402078580--------80 0
Naval Instructors, Sub-Lieutenants, Assistant Surgeons, Second Masters, Assistant Paymasters, Engineers,and Assistant Engineers252066360--------60 0
Gunner, Boatswain, and Carpenter10864230--------30 0
Midshipmen, Masters' Assistants, Clerks, Naval Cadets, and Assistant Clerks151264340--------40 0
Chief and First-Class Petty Officers, and Sergeants of Marines--------------------3 0
Second-Class Petty Officers, and Corporals of Marines--------------------2 15
Seamen and Private Marines--------------------2 10
Boys--------------------1 10

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