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William Loney RN - Background

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Launched1 June 1859   
HullWooden Length200 feet
PropulsionScrew Men 
Builders measure1506 tons   
Displacement2187 tons   
Fate1884 Last in commission1880
Class  Class (as screw)Pearl
Ships book   
1 June 1859Launched at Chatham Dockyard.
2 November 1860
- 8 June 1863
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness) by Captain George Disney Keane, East Indies, then Pacific
8 June 1863
- 14 June 1865
Commanded (until paying off at Sheerness) by Captain Edward Winterton Turnour, Pacific
8 January 1867
- 30 August 1871
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness until paying off at Sheerness) by Captain Algernon McLennan Lyons, Australia and the Pacific (and 28 May -14 August from Esquimalt to Valparaiso with the 1969-70 Flying squadron
24 September 1873Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness) by Captain Thomas Edward Smith, China
9 February 1877
- 9 November 1880
Commanded by Captain Charles Frederick Hotham, China
1881Lent to Canadian government as a training ship when the Governor General stated in a dispatch to the Colonial Secretary that his government 'would not be averse to instituting a ship for training purposes if the Imperial Government would provide the ship'. Capt. Peter Astle Scott RN, retired, who had made a second career in the Canadian Department of Marine and Fisheries, was sent to England to bring the ship to Canada, which was only possible after repairs had been carried out (at the expense of the Canadian government). As a Dominion government ship under the commander of the fishery fleet, she wore the blue ensign of Canada and the long blue commission pendant.
August 1882Found unsuitable for training because of costs and crew size, and returned to the RN after being towed to Halifax.
1884Sold at Halifax, Canada.
Extracts from the Times newspaper
(various)The 1869 Flying squadron
Tu 3 October 1876

12 August 1876

Her Majesty's ship Topaze left Wosung this morning for the North with stores for the Detached Squadron, under the command of Rear-Admiral Lambert, consisting of Her Majesty's ship Narcissus (flag), Newcastle, and Immortalité, at this date about 140 miles from Chefoo, where they proceeded from Nagasaki on the 2d August. The unsettled state of affairs in China has prolonged the stay of the Detached Squadron, and it is not expected they will move south before the end of September or beginning of October. The Audacious, flagship of Vice-Admiral Ryder, Commander-in-Chief of the China Station, it at Chefoo. The despatch boat Vigilant, with Sir Thomas Wade, the British Minister at Pekin, and Vice-Admiral Ryder, left here on the 8th for Chefoo, where it is expected there will be an interview with Li Hung Ching, Commander-in-Chief of the Pechili Provinces. The Thistle is at Ohefoo, and the Mosquito has left here for Chefoo to act as despatch vessel between the Commander-in-Chief and the Detached Squadron. The Charybdis is senior officer's ship here.

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