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William Loney RN - Background  

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TypeSloop (1862: Corvette)   
Launched9 April 1853 Converted to screwon the stocks
HullWooden Length192 feet
PropulsionScrew Men 
Builders measure1034 tons   
Displacement1758 tons   
Fate1869 Last in commission1869
Ships bookADM 135/298   
9 April 1853Launched at Moulmain, Burma.
7 May 1853Commissioned.
16 May 1853
- 28 September 1853
Commanded by Lieutenant commander John Adolphus Pope Price, sailed from Moulmain (where she was launched) to Chatham to receive her engines
19 June 1854
- 16 June 1857
Commanded (from commissioning at Chatham until paying off at Sheerness) by Captain Arthur Farquhar, Mediterranean then (November 1855) North America and West indies
3 September 1861
- 8 December 1863
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain Gerard John Napier, Mediterranean (returning early after Lieutenant George J. Armitage was dismissed by Court-martial and then bought a charge of conspiracy against witnesses)
10 November 1865
- 9 September 1869
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain Radulphus Bryce Oldfield, Pacific
June 1869Sold to E. Bates for breaking up
1870Resold to Japanese navy as Tsukuba.
1906Broken up.

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