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William Loney RN - Background

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Launched12 June 1858   
HullWooden Length300 feet
PropulsionScrew Men600
Builders measure3740 tons   
Displacement5643 tons   
Fate1871 Last in commission1866
Class  Class (as screw)Orlando
Ships bookADM 135/339   
12 June 1858Launched at Pembroke Dockyard.
17 December 1861
- 1 April 1862
Commanded (from commissioning at Plymouth) by Captain Francis Scott, North America
1 April 1862
- 16 May 1865
Commanded by Captain George Granville Randolph, North America, then (1863), Mediterranean
16 May 1865
- 3 January 1866
Commanded (until paying off at Plymouth) by Captain John Bourmaster Dickson, Mediterranean
15 June 1871Sold to C. Marshall for breaking up at Plymouth.
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Th 13 September 1860The following ships and gunboats in the first-class steam reserve could be got ready for the pendant at a short notice:- The Windsor Castle, 100; the Revenge, 91; the Orlando, 60; the Forth, 12; the Seahorse, 12; the Merlin, 6; and the Hyena, the Gleaner, the Nightingale, the Steady, the Spider, the Delight, the Goldfinch, the Charon, and the Lark. The following, in Keyham steam yard, are in a forward state:- The Howe, 121; the Gibraltar, 101; the Brunswick, 80; the Phoebe, 51; the Narcissus, 51; the Jason, 21; and the Desperate, 8.
Sa 10 August 1861The Duke of Somerset, Admiral Grey, Capt. Drummond, and Mr. Whitbread, Admiral Robinson, Col. Greene, and the other officials connected with the Board of Admiralty commenced the inspection of the Devonport dockyard on Thursday, accompanied by the Admiral-Superintendent, Sir Thomas Pasley. ‚Ķ
From Keyham their Lordships, attended by Capt. Astley C. Key, C.B., went into Hamoaze, and inspected the screw steam frigate Orlando, 50, the gunboat Speedy, and other ships belonging to the Steam Reserve. In the evening the members of the Board patronized a ball in aid of the Female Orphan Asylum. Yesterday morning the steam tenders Avon and Redwing had steam up in readiness to convey the Lords of the Admiralty to the Channel Squadron in the Sound, and to the various ships in commission in Hamoaze.
Sa 29 March 1862The screw steam frigate Diadem, 32, Capt. Scott, which left Bermuda March 11, arrived in Plymouth Sound on Friday morning. On the 12th of March, in lat. 33 2 N., long. 61 51 W., she took on board the crew of the American brig C.W. Conner, Capt. Joseph Urann, which was bound with a cargo of sundries from Boston for St. Jago. The brig was dismasted on tho 6th of March, and the crew for the previous five days had been living on biscuit only. Moderate weather was experienced during all the passage, excepting on the 21st, when, in lat. 42 45 N., long. 32 29 W., they had a gale of wind from the westward. The Diadem brings home 250 officers and men, the remaining portion of the crew of the Conqueror, lost on Rum Bay Island, in the West Indies, and about 130 invalids, supernumeraries, and passengers, including lieutenant Taylor, 39th Regiment, and Mr. Tucker, late Colonial Aide-de-Camp to the Governor of Bermuda, who is the bearer of the contributions from the island to the Great Exhibition. Mr. Vivian, carpenter of the Terror, died on the 23d, and Peter Kenney, private of Royal Marines, a lunatic, jumped overboard oa the 21st during the gale, and was drowned. The Diadem left at Bermuda the screw steamship Nile, 90, Capt. Edward K. Barnard, flag of Rear-Admiral Sir Alexander Milne, K.C.B.; the screw steamships Aboukir, 86, Capt. Charles F. Shadwell, C.B.; Hero, 89, Capt. Alfred P. Ryder; and Agamemnon, 89; the screw steam frigates Immortalit√©, 51, Orlando, 50, and Liffey, 51; the screw steam sloop Greyhound, 17; paddlewheel steam sloops Spiteful, 6, and Medea, 6 ; the screw steam sloop Racer, 11; the screw steam gun-vessels Nimble, 5, and Landrail, 5 ; and the floating battery Terror, 16. The screw steamship Adelaide, with troops, arrived at Bermuda March 10. Her fuel was nearly expended.
Th 17 November 1864


(From the Malta Times, November 10.) It is with feelings of the deepest sorrow that we have to announce in our columns to-day an awful calamity which has befallen a number of brave officers and men of Her Majesty's ship Orlando. The afflicting tidings reached us by the French steamer Du Trembly, arrived this morning from Tunis, that one of the boats of the above ship bad been upset in a squall, by which no less than eight of her officers, three scamen, and a marine lost their lives. All the men-of-war in port, including the French frigate Cacque, immediately hoisted their flags half-mast high, and a like testimony of regret and mourning was shown by many of the merchant ships in harbour as soon as the lamentable event became more generally known. The following are the particulars of this catastrophe, which will cast many families into mourning:-It appears that on the morning of the 3d inst. a cutter, having on board the following officers:- Lieutenant Still, Surgeon Wood, Captain Pritchard, Royal Marines, Midshipmen De Gama, Fielding, and Kemble, Master's-Assistant Hadrill, and Assistant-Paymaster Stratford, together with four seamen and one marine, left the ship on a picnic party, and while returning at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, under sail, a sudden squall struck the boat when about a thousand yards from the shore, and upset it. Seeing that all hope of assistance was impossible, one of the seamen struck out for the shore, and was the only man saved. Ha was found the next morning completely exhausted, and in a state of nudity, in an Arab hut, by another cutter of the Orlando, which, in tow of the French frigate Invincible's steamlaunch, had been sent in search of the missing boat. Up to the last accounts, nothing else had been found but a jacket belonging to Mr. Fielding and a portion of the mast of the boat, notwithstanding the Orlando and gunboat Tyrian had been searching under steam for the missing bodies. The Orlando is expected here at the end of the week. The sudden calamity has created universal sympathy in Tunis. All the foreign representatives displayed their flags half-mast, and waited upon the English Consul-General to express their condolence and respect for the memory of so many brave officers and men appertaining to Her Majesty's naval forces, whose untimely death has deprived their Sovereign and their country of their valuable service. The Commandant Chevalier of His Imperial Majesty's ship Inflexible, senior officer of the French Emperor's ships in those waters, also waited on Her Majesty's representative for the same purpose, and the French Consul-General wrote besides a very feeling letter of condolence on the melancholy occasion. His Highness the Bey also conveyed his sympathy and condolence, and gave strict order to the authorities on the coast to protect any of the bodies of the victims that might be washed ashore, and to report immediately any such occurrence to the Bey's Government. It is a circumstance of melancholy interest to know that Mr. Fielding, one of the unfortunate young officers who perished on this occasion, was one of the few survivors of the lamentable wreck of Her Majesty's ship Orpheus on the coast of New Zealand.


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