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This page consists - for the ranks of Assistant Surgeon, Surgeon and Staff Surgeon - of the contents of the "Remarks" column of registers, now in ADM 104, originally maintained by the Medical Director General's office, and - for the rank of Deputy Inspector General - of records, now in ADM 105, kept by the Junior Naval Lord to help settling questions of promotion. These remarks consist mainly of summaries of - or references to - correspondence with, or about, the officer in question. Text in red is my expansion of abbreviations. Text between {...} is uncertain.

Abbreviations: [M]DG = [Medical] Director General; WB is William Burnett, MDG 9 June 1832 - 30 April 1855; AB is Alexander Bryson, MDG 21 January 1864 - 15 April 1869

Date Remark [my note]
Assistant Surgeons Register 3 (ADM 104/23), folio 18
16 September 1840 Commander The Honourable Joseph Denman HMS Wanderer, & senior officer had selected Mr Loney for the Persian as Acting Surgeon for his good conduct while under his command which had merited his warm approbation. Commander Denmans letter this date. 2676v. Physician General for Medical Officer JSB {??}  
13 November 1840 I beg to recommend Mr John Read residing at Athlone, Ireland. WB 2676v I cannot find an Assistant Surgeon John Read in subsequent Navy Lists
16 September1840 Mr James Gordon, Surgeon HMS Wanderer bore favourable testimony to Mr Loney's conduct. Certificate. Mr Hobart 9/2921  
29 April 1842 Requested to be superseded in the Dolphin & appointed to the Niger Expedition  
20 July 1842 Acquainted that the Niger Expedition so far as regards the Navy had been entirely broken up. 2610 & 2609 Case  
5 May 1842 Enclosed copy of Certificate to good conduct from Commander E. Littlehales of HMBg Bonnetta. 1634 Case HMBg = Her Majesty's Brig
- December 1842 Commander Littlehales, late of the Dolphin, bore strong testimony to Mr Loney's good conduct while serving under his command  
14 December 1842 Let this be registered, observing also that Commander Littlehales called upon me & personally recommended the gentleman in question in the strongest manner. Inform Commander Littlehales that due attention will be paid to his recommendation. WB 3552 case  
14 December 1842 Mr Loney addressed a Memorial to the Earl of Haddington stating his claims & praying Promotion. {Amsfor York} Thomas, Earl of Haddington, First Lord of the Admiralty, 8 September 1841 - 12 January 1846
16 December 1842 Mr Loney has an actual service of 3 Yrs 0 m 9 wk 4 d, the greater part of which has, as he stated, been spent on the Coast of Africa. I believe Mr Loney a zealous and attentive officer, and that he has performed his duties in a satisfactory manner, but there is nothing in his services which would justify me in recommending him in an especial manner to the Board in preferment to others of much longer standing & equally good character and service. WB 13572v  
3 January 1844 Stated that an opinion prevailed than an Assistant Surgeon of a Marine Infirmary cannot be promoted, & begged to be informed on the subject  
5 February 1844 Informed by Sir William Burnett that the opinion was not a correct one. P case  
27 January 1845 Informed the Director General that he had repeated his Memorial to the Earl of Haddington for Promotion which, if it had no other effect, would prove to his Lordship his unwillingness to remain any longer in a position which may retard the same. Dr Loney to be removed when an opportunity offers and Mr Derryman appointed to the vacancy James Nathaniel Derryman was appointed per 6 March 1845
25 January 1845 Memorialized the Earl of Haddington praying Promotion or an appointment which might the soonest lead to it. Is there anything in this Assistant Surgeons service, his seniority being 1839, that would make it right to procure him early promotion {A} Director General to report.  
28 January 1845 The Director General reported Dr Loney's case, See copy of Minute Report, Book 1, fol 24  
24 March 1845 Stated the circumstances under which he charged a Bill for £ 8 towards the establishment of a Sick Mess Fund on board the Rolla. 154  
29 July 1845 Prayed their Lordships would confirm him in the rank of Surgeon, from the date of acting Commision to Pantaloon. Director General G2802  
14 October 1845 I beg to state that Dr Loney entered the service on the 29 November 1839 and has been in active employment 5¾ years. He has been favourably recommended by the Honorable Joseph Denman and Commander Littlehales, and as Dr Loney volunteered his services for the Coast of Africa, and left a shore appointment at the Royal Marines Division at Woolwich to proceed to that station, I beg to recommend him to their Lordships favourable consideration. He is of excellent character and good abilities WB {250}  
Promoted 1 November 1845. Captain Hamiltons Memo this date. Transferred to Surgeons Register 3, Fol 223 William Alexander Baillie Hamilton, Second Secretary to the Admiralty: 28 Jan 1845 - 22 May 1855
Surgeons Register 3 (ADM 104/17), folio 223
Brought from Assistant Surgeons Register 3, Fol 18  
11 May 1846 Found to be labouring under Dyspepsia and General Debility and recommended to return to England for the reestablishment of his health. Report of survey held at the Hospital at Ascension. 11 July 1846  
11 January 1847 Certificate of having performed the capital operations of surgery at the School of Anatomy, Peter St, Dublin. cert case  
22 February 1847 Volunteered his services in case any medical officers should be sent out to Ireland to alleviate the distress there This letter in letterbook
22 February 1847 Informed that a note had been made of his offer of services. 5213 case This letter in letterbook
5 March 1847 Desired to hold himself in readiness to proceed to Ireland. 5305 This letter in letterbook
6 March 1847 Was ready to proceed at once. 5560 case  
14 April 1847 Directed verbally to proceed to Ireland under the directions of the Relief Association (verbal Party 15 April 1847) Donegal district  
30 July 1850 Enclosed an order from Commander Morrell to take charge of sick at the Green Mountain, Ascension, together with a certificate of his having performed that duty from 12 May to 30 June '46 & requested that record might be made of such service as sea time 16 1/1859  
27 January 1851 Dr Loney appears to be entitled to the time served as shown by the certificates {assayed} WB 7/1859  
6 February 1851 The above time allowed as service time 19/1859  
11 March 1851 Reprimanded for having written a most improper & disrespectful letter to the Director General regarding the admission of his brother (a candidate) into the Naval Medical Service 19/5362  
9 August 1851 Applied to be appointed to "Apollo" should she be commissioned per lieu of "Ceylon" at Malta 20/1998  
11 August 1851 Informed that his request could not be complied with & that he should make such applications through his captain 20/1998  
12 August 1851 Applied for a convict ship 20/2057  
19 January 1852 Requested his appointment to Hydra might be cancelled, health unequal to service in tropics, at same applying for an appointment on Home or Mediterranean station 20/4486.  
See report book 2. Folio 377 for further remarks I have not yet discovered if this document has been preserved
28 July 1855 Their Lordships expressed their displeasure at the course he had persued in the case of a patient of "Hydra" whom he had ordered to be sent to Hospl at the Cape of Good Hope as his captain had objected thereto and cautioned him to be more circumspect in his conduct in future ADM 104/31 p 177 
Staff Surgeons Register (ADM 104/29), folio 30
See Surgons' Register for remarks previous to 1867.  
14 January 1867 Correspondence between Dr Loney and Dr Magill Assistant Surgeon Haulbowline Hospital as to the use of boats 36/289 Assistant Surgeon Martin Magill, appointed to Haulbowline 2 September 1862
5 February 1867 Applied for a week's leave stating that Dr Moore, Surgeon of "Black Prince", would render any assistance that was necessary. Approved if M.D.G. sees no objections G.H.S. Black Prince was Rear Admiral Charles Frederick's flagship at Queenstown from May 1866 to October 1867 (replacing Hastings); Surgeon George Moore was appointed to this ship per 19 May 1866
9 February 1867 I see no objection but I would recommend that the Hospital be left in sole charge of the Assistant Surgeon Dr Magill, during Dr L's absence. A Bryson DG, 36/848  
30 March 1867 Lord Churston applied for Dr L to be promoted to Deputy Inspector & retained at Haulbowline Hospital. M.D.G. to report on his claims H.C. Sir John Buller Yarde-Buller (1799-1871), elevated to the peerage as Lord Churston of Churston Ferriers in 1858, had been a conservative MP for South Devon 1834-1858; at the time of his elevation the Times described him as "one of the wealthiest commoners and largest landowners in the west of England". Reason for elevation unclear, presumably political
3 April 1867 D.G. in reporting his services concluded "He is a good Medical officer but I do not consider his claims for promotion an equal to several other Staff Surgeons who are above him in seniority. He was appointed to Haulbowline Hospital in Oct '65 AB DG 36/1915  
25 January 1868 Candidate for appointment as Deputy Inspector General at Plymouth Hospital vacant by death of Dr Beith This was DIG Robert Beith; Henry J. Domville CB, MD was appointed to replace him per 5 February 1868
28 January 1868 Own receipt AB 540/37  
9 September 1867 Applied to Mr Corry for promotion. M.D.G. to report if this officer has any special claims to promotion G.H.S. Henry Thomas Lowry Corry, First Lord of the Admiralty, 8 March 1867 - 17 December 1868
20 September 1867 See Dr Mackay's report referring to D.G.'s former remarks. Copy case  
27 April 1868 Requested a fortnight's leave  
30 April 1868 No objection. AB D.G. 37/2440. Grant G.H.S.  
3 December 1868 Is candidate for appointment of Deputy Inspector General Hong Kong N.S. 6317/37 Staff Surgeon Robert Pottinger was appointed 8 December 1868
- Dec 1868 Board's minute on report of survey on Mr J.H. Jackson, Paymaster R.N. surveyed at Haulbowline Hospital: M.D.G. for information observing that this scarcely appears a satisfactory report JCDH James Huggard Jackson, Paymaster per 13 November 1854
16 December 1868 I quite concur in thinking this report unsatisfactory, & would suggest in similar cases that Dr L be desired to report his own opinion as to the officer's fitness for service or otherwise. AB D.G. 37/6497  
15 June 1869 Requested to state by whose authority he had surveyed Dr J Young Staff Surgeon invalided from Galatia 38/2749/2802 James Young, Surgeon per 22 January 1867, Staff Surgeon per 4 July 1868; Staff Surgeon Alexander Watson appointed to Galatea per 24 March 1869
16 June 1869 Replied that the survey and the report were unauthorised, and stated that presure of private affairs prevented Dr Young returning to Haulbowline, or undertaking the journey to London. FC 38/2802  
18 June 1869 Board & D.G. disapproved of the survey by Dr L without having obtained his authority according to the custom of the service. Letter book & 38/2802/2968. Survey need not be repeated. Admiralty Order 26 June '6{4}  
6 July 1869 Not to insert irrelevant material in Medical Returns 38/3143  
- Oct 1869 Correspondence on misunderstanding between Dr Loney & Mr Paris, Storekeeper at Haulbowline, resulting in both being superceded 38/4922 38/6148 John Rose Paris, Naval and Victualling Storekeeper, and Accountant at Haulbowline, appointed 22 October 1866. The "case" reference in Digest ADM 12/830 (which only records "both officers removed") is L.538, but unfortunately this has not been preserved in the corresponding dossier ADM 1/6090
18 October 1869 Stated that he preferred serving in the hope of promotion to accepting the reported retirement  
30 October 1869 Granted leave on Full Pay till "Revenge" is ready to receive crew from "Zealous". A.O. 38/5226  
15 December 1869 Explained reasons for not giving up charge of Haulbowline Hospital to his successor Dr Morgan until completion of survey  
17 December 1869 M.D.G. cannot approve of his conduct 38/6095  
13 Jan 1870 Dr Loney to be placed on half Pay from 11 Nov '69, the date of Staff Surgeon joining AO 39/249/78  
16/18 December 1869 Dr L forwards two letters on the subject of disrespectful conduct of certain persons when he was leaving Haulbowline Summary in Digest ADM 12/830, part 41-18: "Dr Loney complains of having been insulted on his leaving yard. Charged Mr Paris, storekeeper, of being ringleader, and illuminating his house on the occasion. Mr Paris is leaving the yard so no enquiry is necessary in his case"
20 December 1869 See D.G.s remarks in letter book  
4 January 1870 Rear Admiral Forbes, Commander in Chief at Queenstown forwarded a report of enquiry by Capt Seecombe of "Mersey" concluding by stating he had not thought it necessary to take any further steps in the matter as the charges could not be brought home to any person. 38/6148/6093 Captain John Seecombe of Mersey; this ship was the flagship of Rear Admiral Claude H.M. Buckle, Commander-in-Chief at Queenstown per 28 October 1867, and Rear Admiral Arthur Forbes who succeeded him 16 November 1869 (until in his turn succeeded by Rear Admiral Edmund Heathcote on 20 May 1871). Summary in Digest ADM 12/830: "Captain Seecombe reports result of his enquiry - unable to fix blame on anyone - considers the charge frivolous and vexacious"
2 February 1870 Sir John Bowring M.P. applied on behalf of Dr Loney for his promotion to Deputy Inspector General. Case. Explained that his claims will be considered with those of others I think there must be an error here. Sir John Bowring (1792-1872), who was born and died in Exeter, had been a radical MP for Kilmarnock from 1835-1837 and for Bolton 1841-1849, but had been out of parliament for more than twenty years by 1870. His son, Edgar Alfred Bowring, was, however, liberal MP for Exeter between 1868 and 1874
17 February 1870 Director General does not consider Dr Loney entitled to full pay from 16 Nov to 10 Dec '69 39/801/249 (see other page)  
17 February 1870 Dr Loney explains omission of the conduct of Mr Allan Assistant Surgeon in his certificate 39/731  
15 February 1870 Requested full pay from 11 Nov to 10 Dec '69, as altho' his successor had arrived at Haulbowline he was still in charge of stores  
1 March 1870 See DGs notation as to the rule in these cases, alluding to Dr Burke's case at Malta Hosp, where a week was considered by the DG. Grant a week. Board's memo on 39/801/749  
31 March 1870 In answer to a note from him with regard to his conduct at Haulbowline Hospital the DG said that he could hold out no hope of promotion  
30 May 1870 Asked in private note that his claims for promotion vice Rae retired might be submitted to 1st Lord Deputy Inspector General James Rae, with seniority 4 July 1859; I have not been able to discover if his had a posting prior to his retirement
2 June 1870 Answered that his services would be considered with those of others. Case  
2 July 1870 Applies to Lord John Hay for promotion to Deputy Inspector General Captain John Hay, Lord John Hay, was Junion Naval Lord between 18 December 1868 and 3 May 1872
11 July 1870 Claims will be fully considered together with those of others when any vacancy occurs 39/4248  
26 July 1870 Applied for appointment to Channel Fleet  
27 July 1870 Informed that appointment referred to has been filled up but his claims for the Flying Squadron will be considered with those of others when appointments are made. Note case  
18 November 1870 Services reported to Board as eligible for promotion to Deputy Inspector General. See copy  
21 June 1871 Requested to state his authority for assuming the title of MD 40/3548  
18 October 1871 Stated that MD had been attached to his name about 30 years ago by Admiralty authority  
27 November 1871 Remove title of MD 40/7501  
17 August 1871 Commodore Commerell Commander in Chief Cape forwarded correspondence & result of enquiry as to charges brought against this officer by Lieut Ward RM as to treatment by him while on the sick list & refusal to send him to hospital & stated that in his opinion Dr Loney had not failed in his duty with regards to Lieut Ward John Edmund Commerell K.C.B. V.C. was Commodore on the Cape of Good Hope station from 16 February 1861 - 1 October 1873. Lieut John E.B. Ward RM had been Lieutenant of Marines in Glasgow when William Loney was serving in that ship
20 October 1871 Commander in Chief East Indies informed that my Lords disapproval of Lt Ward's not complying with the Staff Surgeon's directions while on sick list & that the result of the enquiry showed that the charges against Dr L were frivolous and without foundation 40/7977 Rear Admiral Geoffrey Thomas Phipps Hornby, C-in-C East Indies from 2 September 1871 to 30 September 1874
17 June 1872 Expresses himself hurt at the omission of his name in the Statistical Report in connection with the Medical reports from Haulbowline Hospital for the year 1869 41/4705  
14 September 1872 Services submitted to Board with those of 3 others for selection for vacancy in Deputy Inspector Generals list. See Guard Book  
Promoted to the rank of Deputy Inspector General with seniority of 18 Sept 1872  
Transferred to Deputy Inspectors' folio p 105 This document has apparently not been preserved
Register kept by the Junior Naval Lord (ADM 105/76), folio 167
5 January 1875 Rear Admiral Shadwell expresses his high opinion of his valuable services in connection with Hong Kong Hospital Shadwell was Commander-in-Chief on the China station during most of William Loney's time at Hong Kong. This letter in letterbook
15 February 1875 Informed by their Lordships that the change in his appointment (from Hong Kong to Haslar) was made in the usual course and that they were glad to receive the expression of his readiness to continue on foreign service  
18 February 1875 Board express their satisfaction at receiving as favourable report. Admiral Mundy directed to acquaint Deputy Inspector General Loney on his arrival at Haslar This refers to Shadwell's report of 5 January; Mundy's letter in letterbook
26 August 1876 Note to Sir M Lopes as to his being given rank of Inspector General on retirement Sir Lopes Massey Lopes, Bt., Civil Lord of the Admiralty from 4 March 1874 to 12 May 1880
26 August 1876 Note to Sir M Lopes as to his being given rank of Inspector General on retirement  
26 June 1877 Forwards statement of services &c & asks that he may be granted the substantive rank of Inspector General on retirement  
28 June 1877 MDG as to his conduct during his service  
4 July 1877 DG remarks that his conduct during his service has not on all occasions been quite satisfactory owing to misunderstandings having arisen as to his duties. He is a Medical officer of considerable ability & has always showed zeal in the dischage of his duty, but DG is unable to concur in the estimate he has formed of himself and does not consider his case one of exceptional or special promotion to substantive rank  
4 July 1877 In answer to a question as to his being granted Honorary rank on retirement DG has no objection but thinks he is deserving of it  
9 July 1877 Placed on Retired List from 3 July 1877, with Honorary rank of Inspector General on retirement. Substantive rank refused  
22 March 1878 Draws attention to the hardships of his case; & prays to be promoted to the substantive rank of Inspector General  
2 April 1878 Informed that their Lordships are unable to comply with his request  
26 June 1878 Services sent to Board as a candidate for a Good Service pension (See Services Book)  
5 July 1878 Applies for a Good Service Pension as a compensation for the grievances he has suffered through the Regulations of 1874  
13 July 1878 DG considers there are several officers more deserving of a Good Service Pension than Dr Loney & refers to the opinion expressed by him on a former application from this officer - in 4 July 1877  
1 May 1878 Applies to be appointed Honorary Surgeon to the Queen Reply to this letter in letterbook
16 February 1878 With referencece to a letter to Lord Walter Kerr asking for a "solution" for unrequited services the DG sent a copy of the report of July 1877 stating that he concurred in it and that from personal experience at Haulbowline Hospital he was able to state that no fresh improvements were effected in that establishment under Mr Loney's "beneficial rule" Lord Walter Kerr was a Lieutenant in Emerald, when William Loney served in that ship; in February 1878 he was on half pay between two stints as Flag Captain to Rear Admiral Beauchamp Seymour
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