William Loney R.N. - Album
William Loney R.N. - Album

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Arthur Elwes RN, Midshipman

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Loneys note to Annie:
Not on active or retired lists"

Arthur Elwes R.N. 
The son of George Cary-Elwes (1806-1859) and Arabella Elizabeth Sophia Heneage (1808-1853)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
19 December 1844 Born (London, England)
14 June 1871 Married Ellen Emma (c1854-1936), daughter of Charles Tuckwell, at Trinity Church, Marylebone1)
27 March 1912 Died (Plymouth, Devon, England)
17 February 1864Sub-Lieutenant
14 February 1867Discharged
19 September 1867Re-entered
3 April 1868Lieutenant
12 June 1871Retired
3 May 1900Pensioned2)
Date fromDate toService
4 June 185916 June 1861Midshipman in Emerald
17 June 1861 Midshipman in Forte
7 July 18648 September 1864Sub-Lieutenant in Forte
30 June 186520 January 1866Sub-Lieutenant in Arethusa
18 July 18664 July 1867Sub-Lieutenant in Antelope3)
28 September 1867 Sub-Lieutenant in Wivern
7 April 1869 Sub-Lieutenant in Urgent
24 May 1871 Lieutenant in Glasgow
10 April 1894 Lieutenant in Cambridge4)
1)i.e. two days after retiring from the Navy
2)Awarded a G[reenwich] H[ospital] Pension of £50 a year.
3)March 1867: praised for conduct on occasion of attack on boats crew of "Antilope" when he was wounded severely in thigh. 13 May 1868: awarded a gratuity of three months pay for his wound, though the injury bore no comparison with the loss of a limb.
4)For short G[unnery] course, afterwards to join Defiance for short T[orpedo] course

Source: Admiralty Record of Service ADM 196/36, folio 409 and ADM 196/38, folio 402 (these data are incomplete)

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