William Loney R.N. - Album
William Loney R.N. - Album

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Rev. Fdrk. Nickoll RN, Chaplain & Naval Instructor

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Loneys note to Annie:
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Loneys note to Annie:
Not on list; ?dead"

Rev. Frederick William Nickoll R.N. 
Son of James Harvey Nickoll (1793-1874)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
3 April 1827 Born (Harbledon, Kent)
17 June 1890 Died (Pierpoint House, Lindfield, Sussex)
1 September 1860Chaplain and Naval Instructor
Date fromDate toService
5 September 18602 April 1862Chaplain and Naval Instructor in Emerald, commanded by Arthur Cumming, Channel Squadron
3 April 186216 May 1866Chaplain and Naval Instructor in Tribune, commanded by Viscount Gilford, Pacific
8 February 1868 Chaplain and Naval Instructor in Royal Oak, commanded by Henry Shank Hillyar, Channel squadron
(1878) Chaplain in Royal Naval Hospital, Haslar
4 November 1881 Chaplain in Pembroke Dockyard
25 November 1881 Chaplain in Portsmouth Dockyard


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