William Loney R.N. - Album
William Loney R.N. - Album

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W.R. Clutterbuck RN, Midshipman

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Loneys note to Annie:
"Captain, March '86
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Loneys note to Annie:
Captain, March '86"

William Robert Clutterbuck R.N. 
Son of Rev. James Clark Clutterbuck, of Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
29 December 1844 Born (Watford, Hertfordshire, England)
1875 Married Catherine Susan (died 1915), daughter of C.J. Lambert, of Swansea and South America
1894 Justice of the Peace, Berkshire
22 June 1923 Died (Manor House, Long Wittenham, Berkshire)1)
17 August 1860Midshipman
19 October 1864Sub-Lieutenant
21 January 1867Lieutenant
23 June 1880Commander
1 March 1886Captain
3 January 1895Retired Captain
10 August 1900Retired Rear-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
5 June 1858 Naval cadet in Illustrious
1 January 185918 May 1859Naval cadet in Britannia2)
4 June 185916 August 1860Naval cadet in Emerald
17 August 186019 May 1862Midshipman in Emerald
20 May 186224 February 1864Midshipman in Vesuvius
25 February 186422 April 1864SubLieutenant (acting) in Vesuvius
23 April 18643 June 1864Midshipman in Vesuvius
4 June 186428 August 1864SubLieutenant (acting) in Vesuvius
29 August 186418 October 1864Midshipman in Vesuvius
19 October 18648 November 1864SubLieutenant in Vesuvius
9 November 186420 December 1864SubLieutenant in Excellent
1 December 186511 December 1866SubLieutenant in Malacca
12 December 186620 January 1867Lieutenant (acting) in Clio
21 January 186718 July 1868Lieutenant in Clio
19 July 186829 August 1868Lieutenant in Formidable3)
6 October 18685 March 1870Lieutenant in Excellent4)
28 February 1871 Lieutenant in Repulse, harbour service
1 March 18712 June 1875Lieutenant in Scout, Pacific
3 June 187528 July 1875Lieutenant in Duncan
14 August 187529 September 1875Lieutenant in Excellent
30 September 187526 April 1877Lieutenant in Triumph, flagship of Rear-Admiral Edward Bridges Rice, Mediterranean
12 June 18772 March 1879Lieutenant in Royal Adelaide, flagship of Admiral Thomas Matthew Charles Symonds, Devonport5)
3 March 187912 March 1880Lieutenant in Zephyr
5 April 18806 April 1880Lieutenant in Excellent6)
7 April 18802 July 1880Lieutenant in Vernon7)
13 August 18816 August 1884Commander in Revenge, flagship of , flagship of the Port Admiral, Queenstown
25 October 18847 June 1886Commander in Woodlark8)
6 December 188920 February 1893Captain in CarolineExternal link, China9)
1)Cerebral haemorhage
2)Victory, victuals only, [discharged?] 25 May 1859, Portsmouth
3)For 6 weeks leave
4)For study; third class in gunnery
5)Waiting passage from 10 Feb 1879; mail steamer to 16 Mar 1979
6)To requalify
7)For torpedo course; requalifying gunnery lieut.
8)On passage to 10 Dec 1884; on passage from 18[?] May 1886.
Between March and May 1855 men from Woodlark served with the Suakin Naval Brigade in the Sudan (campaign against the Mahdist forces). The ship then proceeded to Rangoon, where Clutterbuck was attached to the Burma Naval Brigade from 29 Oct 1885 - 7 Jan 1886, when he led a flotilla up the Irrawaddi River, initiating the campaign to annex Upper Burma which started on 13 November 1885, some five years after the violent seizure to the throne of that land by prince Theebaw. Clutterbuck was promoted to Captain for his services in the Burma campaign.
9)On passage from 13 Jan [1893]

Source: Admiralty Record of Service ADM 196/15, folio 387 & 388

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