William Loney R.N. - Cumming recommendation
William Loney R.N. - Cumming recommendation

William Loney R.N.DocumentsLetterbook


From the late Admiral Sir Arthur Cumming.
[Obviously added much later - Cumming died in 1893]



[embossed letterhead]

My Dear Loney

On my return home I found your letter with the enclosures which I now return.
I shall only be too happy to do anything in my power to serve you.
I will either write to Admal. Seymour [there were various Admirals Seymour at this time (but none then a Commissioner of Admiralty); this may refer to Frederick Beauchamp Paget Seymour, who had been a Commissioner of Admiralty under the previous administration; in 1877 he was Commander-in-Chief of the Channel Squadron, making it perhaps unlikely that Cumming would be certain of finding him in London] & Lord Gilford [a Commissioner of the Admiralty], or (unless very pressing), as I am going to town next week will make a point of seeing both - this would have more effect than writing.
I do sincerely hope, that in recognition of ...


... of yr. services you may obtain thro' Geo. Ward Hunt [First Lord of the Admiralty] the promotion you solicit.
I think he can hardly refuse you a boon so easy to accord and one you so richly deserve.
Let me know what you think most advisable - to write to Admal. S & Lord G[ilford], or see them.
Nothing could be stronger than Sir C.S. [Charles Shadwell; Commander-in-Chief East China Station when Dr Loney was in command of the Naval Hospital at Hong Kong] had written [in his] special letter to you on his leaving the China Station. He was my guest at Trincomalee for a week on his way home, and more than once spoken in admiration of the unusual zeal & ability you displayed in organising the Hospital at Hong Kong. I ...


myself can bear testimony to what you did for the Hospital at Trincomalee.
I need not allude to our lengthened service afloat together, during wh[ich] twice your constant kindness and attention to offrs. & men were so much appreciated, but I may here tell you how much you were loved and esteemed by all. The service is indeed much indebted to you.

With kind regards,
Believe me
Yr. obed. Servt.
Arthur Cumming


Dr. Loney
Depy. Insp. Genal.

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