Doggett's Coat and Badge
Doggett's Coat and Badge


This is taken from Discover Unexpected London, by Andrew Lawson.

Doggett The right to wear Doggett's Coat and Badge is the prize in a rowing race held yearly since 1715 between London Bridge and Cadogan Pier, Chelsea in London. It was initiated by Thomas Doggett to commemorate the coronation of George I. The silver badge, just visible on the left elbow, shows the white horse of Hannover. The race is now held in July.

Dogget's Coat and Badge is sometime referred to by Jack Aubrey. For example in The Letter of MarqueExternal link, when rowing to board Azul (page 104): He leaned forward and said in a low voice 'Stretch out, now. Stretch out for Doggett's coat and badge'

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