William Loney R.N. - Irish famine
William Loney R.N. - Irish famine

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Letter suspending operations of the British Association for the relief of the extreme Distress in Ireland & Scotland in Ireland.

South Sea House
12th June 1847

The Committee being of opinion that it is advisable to suspend their operations during the next two months, I am directed to request you will take steps to close your Agency within a fortnight or three weeks if possible.

They entertain no doubt that wherever the Relief Act is in operation the necessary relief will be afforded through its machinery and the assistance of this Association is therefore now in a great measure superfluous.

In the case of Districts where through any unavoidable circumstances the Act in question has not been carried into operation, though it is expected very few if any such cases will exist after the expiration of the next fortnight, ...


... any assistance the Association may feel disposed to give will probably be conveyed through the instrumentality of the Inspecting officers.

I am desired to request that you will be good enough to take an early opportunity of making your arrangements in conformity with this notice and the Committee hope shortly to hear from you that you can retire from the District without further difficulty.

On passing through Dublin be so good as to call upon the Count Strzelecki - Reynolds Hotel Saxville [sic] Street - and give him such explanations regarding the assistance you have afforded and the channels through which it has been given as may be sufficient to enable him fully to understand the circumstances connected with your District, at the time of your retirement from it. This information the Count will require to guide him in the further ...


... duties that may devolve upon him in his connection with this Association.

I have the honor to be
Your obdt Servt
J.B. Standish Haly

To Dr Loney, R.N.

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