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GRO Dublin index entries for 19th cent. Acheson births, marriages and deaths

These data were collected in 2003. Since then it has become possible to download many Irish birth, marriage and death records for free from the excellent Irish Genealogy website; I suggest you go there.

Note: I do not give any guarantee that these data are correct: I will not be held responsible if the GRO keeps your money and does not provide a copy because of a "wrong reference".

Acheson Births:

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Year Qtr. Name Christian name Mothers maiden name Date of birth District Vol. Page Note
None available

Acheson Marriages:

◄Table scrolls horizontally►
Year Qtr. Surname Christian name District Vol. Page Note
1845   Acheson George Sligo 10 105  
1845   Acheson James Armagh 1 197  
1845   Acheson Jane Ballyshannon 2 206  
1845   Acheson Sarah Jane Armagh 1 209  
1846   Acheson Eliza Clonmel 4 (???) page unreadable
1856   Acheson Mary Cashel 3 348 married John Owen
1863   Acheson Charles Clonmel 4 12 married Bridget Carey
1894 1 Acheson Mary Clonmel 4 403  
1895 1 Acheson William Clonmel 4 473  

Acheson Deaths:

◄Table scrolls horizontally►
Year Qtr. Surname Christian name Age District Vol. Page Calc. birth year Note
None available

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