Dr Haley's Diving Bell
Dr Haley's Diving Bell

This is taken from An Anthology of pieces from early editions of Encyclopaedia Britannica, given away to potential buyers (and me!) about forty-five years ago.
Dr. Haley's diving bellDr. Haley's diving bell

Figure 1 shows Dr. Haley's diving bell, with the divers at work. D B L K M P represents the body of the bell. D, the glass which serves as a window. B, the cock for letting out the air which has been breathed. LM the seats. C, one of the two air-barrels lowered alternately to supply air. P, H, two of the divers. F, another diver at a distance from the bell, and breathing through a flexible tube K. This diver is supposed to have a head-piece of lead, made to fit quite close about the shoulders; this head-piece was capable of containing as much air as would supply him for a minute or two; when he had occasion for more air he turned a cock at F, by which means a communication was opened with the air in the bell, and thus, he could receive a new supply at pleasure.

DIVING, seventh edition (1830-42)

(B is just to the left of D)

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