HMS Arrogant - log extracts 
HMS Arrogant - log extracts 

William Loney R.N.DocumentsShips' logs Melampus ◄► Dauntless

Extracts from the log of HMS Arrogant for the period 1 March 1858 - 22 August 1859
Source: ADM 53/6341, 1 March 1858 - 22 August 1859.

Portsmouth - Southampton Water - St Helens - Southampton Water - Portsmouth

HMS Arrogant replaced HMS Melampus as Coast Guard ship in Southampton Water, the crew of that ship (including Captain Leopold George Heath and Dr Loney) being turned over into her at Portsmouth. Batches of "Royal Naval Coast Volunteers" were trained (ADM 175/64 gives the volunteers names), and the ship served as base to a number of tenders: at least Active, Chameleon, Defence, Gertrude, Governor, Leveret, Lion, Mermaid and Sprightly. During this time she made one short cruise to St Helens, on the Isle of Wight, opposite Portsmouth. In Auguest 1859 Arrogant was required as flagship of Commodore William Edmondstone on the west coast of Africa, so she steamed back to Portsmouth where the crew (again including Captain Heath and William Loney) were turned over for a second time, now to Dauntless, which then returned to Southampton Water.

Ships officers during this period (from the Navy List; not yet checked with the ship's muster book for exact dates).

1 Mar Mon Portsmouth harbour:
Employed in clearing the Melampus of stores & provisions
p.m. Cheered Her Majesty on passing to Osborne
[her residence on the Isle of Wight]
5 Mar Fri Steam tugs came alongside and transported Melampus alongside dockyard and secured her
6 Mar Sat Riggers rigging lower masts and setting up rigging
13 Mar Sat Gave up charge of Melampus to dockyard
22 Mar Mon Employed coaling
30 Apr Fri 11.30 a.m. Slipped moorings and steamed out of harbour (pilot in charge)
At single anchor at Spithead
1 May Sat Powder hoy came alongside. Employed getting in powder and stowing magazines
4 May Tue a.m.
10.30 Arrived Sir Geo. Seymour, Commander in Chief. Came onboard and mustered and inspected ships company
11.50 Commander in Chief left the ship
1.45 Weighed and proceeded to Southampton Water
4.30 Picked up the moorings
Marks at moorings: Windmill near Hythe W½S, Calshot Castle S22E, South extreme of Hospital S73E, Netley Fort N26E, depth of water 5½ fthm.
15 May Sat 12 noon: Fired a Royal salute in commemoration of Her Majesty's birthday [although born on 24 May 1819, she did indeed - at least this year - celebrate her birthday on 15 May]
20 Jun Sun 11.30 a.m. Arrived a Turkish war steamer
12 noon: Fired a Royal salute in commemoration of Her Majesty's ascension
[20 June 1837]
28 Jun Mon 12 noon: Fired a Royal salute in commemoration of Her Majesty's coronation [28 June 1838]
14 Jul Wed a.m.
Arrived Leveret gunboat (tender)
10.45 Weighed and made all plain sail
6.30 Anchored in St Helens
[Isle of Wight, opposite Portsmouth]
15 Jul Thu a.m.
8.30 Weighed and made all plain sail, running for Southampton Water
3 Took the moorings
4.30 Sent Lieut Annesley Denham to take command of Leveret tender, vice Lt Woadsfold, placed under arrest on board the Arrogant
15 Apr Fri Arrived two Portuguese steamers of war: "Bartholomew Dias" [28 gun screw frigate of 2339 tons displacement, launched 1858] and "Sagris" [14 gun screw corvette of 1360 tons displacement, launched 1858]
2 May Mon Portuguese war steamers left
12 May Thu Punished Fredk White, (Boy 1 C[lass]), 24 lashes for desertion
22 Jun Wed 12.30 p.m. Observed a wherry sink, under sail on the western shore. Sent boats to her assistance, and rescued 3 Marines, 1 boatsman and 1 boy, 3 Marines having been drowned
9 Sent boats to drag for the bodies
24 Jun Fri 12.45 p.m. Shore boat brought one body alongside, sent do. to Hythe
27 Jun Mon Sent a funeral party to bury Patrick McDonnell P[rivate?]. R. Marines
15 Aug Mon Employed ships company at cutlass drill
19 Aug Vri 12 noon: Cast off moorings (steaming)
Steaming down Southampton Water for Spithead
2.10 Saluted Adm W. Bowles C.B.
[[who, at the age of 79, had succeeded Seymour as Commander in Chief, Portsmouth on 1 March 1859] with 17 guns
2.40 Came to anchor with B.B. in 13 fthm, veered to 50 fthm
6.30 Three hoy came alongside
20 Aug Sat Employed getting out powder
3 p.m. Pilot came aboard
Steaming into Portsmouth harbour
Lashed alongside the "Bellerophon" hulk
21 Aug Sun 9 a.m. Employed getting out ashes
Afternoon employed getting up stores
Midnight: Approved (signed) L.G. Heath, Captain
(signed) Robert Knox, Master

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