HMS Dauntless - log extracts 
HMS Dauntless - log extracts 

William Loney R.N.DocumentsShips' logs Arrogant ◄► Emerald

Extracts from the log of HMS Dauntless for the period 23 August 1859 - 18 January 1860
Source: ADM 53/7899, 23 August 1859 - 30 June 1961.

Portsmouth - Southampton Water (- Portsmouth)

HMS Dauntless replaced HMS Arrogant as Coast Guard ship in Southampton Water, the crew of that ship (including Captain Leopold George Heath and Dr Loney) being turned over into her at Portsmouth. As was the case in Arrogant, batches of "Royal Naval Coast Volunteers" were trained (ADM 175/64 gives the volunteers names), and the ship served as base to a number of tenders: at least Active, Chameleon, Defence, Gertrude, Governor, Leveret, Lion, Mermaid and Sprightly. Dr Loney left Dauntless before her commission ended, probably because his commission for the Coast Guard (Melampus, Arrogant and Dauntless) was for a period of three years (the log says he was "superseded"). Although Dauntless did later make a cruise in the Channel, she remained on station in Southampton Water during William Loney's period.

Ships officers during this period (from the Navy List; not yet checked with the ship's muster book for exact dates).

23 Aug Tue Lashed along Bellerophon hulk [i.e. still in Arrogant], Portsmouth
Employed surveying stores
25 Aug Thu Transferring stores from Arrogant to lighter for passage to Dauntless
5 p.m. Left Arrogant and went aboard Dauntless lashed alongside hulk Victorious
5 Sep Mon Preparing to go to Spithead
2 Cast off Victorious and steamed out of harbour
3 Saluted the Admiral
[William Bowles] with 17 guns
3.45 came to an anchor with small bower in 12 fthm with 4 shackles of cable
Taking in powder
6 Sep Tue Up anchor & steamed from Spithead
7 Sep Wed Moored in Southampton Water
8 Sep Thu Employed in hoisting up screw and unreeving running gear
24 Sep Sat 10 p.m. Observed a fire on shore abreast the ship. Sent a party under charge of Lt [Charles T.] Williamson and Mr Davis, Gunner to assist
28 Oct Fri 3.40 p.m. A dockyard mooring lighter arrived and anchored with mooring for the Great Eastern merchant steamer
3 Nov Thu 11.00 a.m. Arrived the Great Eastern merchant ship, and took in her moorings
22 Dec Thu 1 p.m. Sent a party to Leveret gunboat to assist her in shifting her berth, she having tailed on the mud during the previous night
14 Jan Sat Joined Mr Sweet[?] gunner, vice Mr Davis, sent to hospital
18 Jan Wed Joined Mr MacLaren, Staff Surgeon, vice Dr Loney, Surgeon, superseded

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