HMS Eurydice - log extracts 
HMS Eurydice - log extracts 

William Loney R.N.DocumentsShips' logs Buzzard ◄► Caesar

Extracts from the log of HMS Eurydice for the period 25 August 1855 - 5 December 1855
Source: ADM 53/5686, 24 April 1855 - 18 Apr 1856.

Port Royal - Greytown - Bluefields - Corn Islands - Greytown - Havana - Bermuda

Towards the end of his service in Buzzard, Edward Loney was lent out to the 6th rate sailing ship Eurydice, commissioned in April 1854 by Captain Erasmus Ommanney who served in her in the White Sea in 1854, but by then commanded by John Walter Tarleton on the North America and West Indies station.

Here is a list of the ships principal commissioned officers during this period (from the Navy List; not yet checked with the ship's muster book for exact dates); Edward Loney was not actually carried on the books of Eurydice during the period he served in this ship.

25 Aug Fri Moored to buoy in Port Royal Harbour
Made sail to topsails
28 Sep Tue 13.37 °N 79.1 °W
3 Sep Mon 10.36 °N 83.2 °W
5 Sep Wed At single anchor off Greytown
6 Sep Thu 1 p.m.Made sail to topsails,t[op]g[allant] sails and royals. Weighed, set jibs, courses and driver. Made and shortened sail as requisite running for Greytown harbour
3 Came to B.B.
[Best bower]
21 Sep Fri Saluted Mr Green (Her Majesty's consul) with 7 guns on his coming on board
3 Oct Wed Made sails to topsails, tot g[allan]t sails and royals
4 Oct Thu At single anchor off Blewfields Bluff
6 Oct Sat Weighed
At single anchor off Great Corn Island
8 Oct Mon Weighed
Working up for Little Corn Island
At single anchor off Little Corn Island
10 Oct Wed Weighed
Running for Greast Corn Island
At single anchor at Great Corn Island
13 Oct Sat Weighed
15 Oct Mon At single anchor off Greytown
18 Oct Thu At single anchor in Greytown harbour
27 Oct Sat Saluted the American consul with 7 guns on his coming on board
31 Oct Wed Weighed
6 Nov Tue 9.46 °N 80.47 °W
12 Nov Mon 15.18 °N 79.36 °W
18 Nov Sun 23.26 °N 84.40 °W
23 Nov Fri At single anchor Havana
24 Nov Sat Running out of Havana harbour
28 Nov Wed 29.6 °N 79.4 °W
5 Dec Wed Running for the Narrows, Bermuda
At single anchor in Grassy Bay

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