HMS Persian - log extracts 
HMS Persian - log extracts 

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Extracts from the log of HMS Persian for the period 16 September 1840 - 9 January 1841
Source: ADM 53/1059, 21 February 1840 - 19 August 1841.

Ascension - River Congo - Saint Helena - Annobon - Cabinda.

Cruising on the Congo division of the West African station.

Here is a complete list of officers during the commission of 17 February 1840 to 19 August 1843 (from the ship's muster book). Persian originally carried a Surgeon and an Assistant Surgeon; by the time William Loney joined the ship he was however the only medical officer (Assistant Surgeon, acting as Surgeon); the same applied for his replacement, Patrick Brennan, of Dolphin, with whom William Loney changed places.

16 Sept Wed Employed cleaning the hold. Joined Mr Loney (Acting Surgeon) per order of senior officer
4 Oct Sun Unmoored ship
9 Oct Fri 4.44 °S 4.3 °W
11 Oct Sun 4.14 °S 0.20 °W
16 Oct Fri 6.20 °S 10.39 °E
17 Oct Sat Anchored Capa Padrao, River Congo. Employed hoisting out boats and fitting them for going up the River Congo
19 Oct Mon Made sail to sail up the River Congo. Came to ... inside Sharks Point, the point being WNW [the Congo River enters the Atlantic Ocean between Banana Point, Congo (Kinshasa), and Sharks Point, Angola]
24 Oct Sat Weighed and made sail. Tacked away working out of the Congo
30 Oct Fri 7.46 °S 11.49 °E
31 Oct Sat Came to in Bengo Bay, Bengo Point WSW 4 miles
1 Nov Sun Weighed. Came to in the harbour of St Paul de Loando [modern Luanda]
4 Nov Wed Weighed
6 Nov Fri 6.29 °S 11.46 °E
13 Nov Fri 11.38 °S 3.15 °W
15 Nov Sun Came to off James Town at Saint Helena
22 Nov Sun p.m.
At 4:20 our worthy Commander, William Henry Quin. Esq. departed this life on shore at the house of the harbour master, Mr Gulliver
[This entry has a thick black edge]
23 Nov Mon Mustered by divisions and read the Commissions of acting Commander T.E. Symonds, vice Quin deceased, and acting Lieutenant Geo. P. Bunce, vice Symonds
Officers and ships co. attended the funeral of our late Commander, W.H. Quin Esq, his remains being interred with military honours, the troops of the garrison attending, fired 20 minute guns
26 Nov Thu Sold part of the effects of out late commander
1 Dec Tue Discharged Edward Dane (capt. coxwain) to proceed to England with part of the late Capt. Quin's effects (barometer included)
4 Dec Fri 8.19 °S 2.23 °W
11 Dec Fri 5.35 °S 11.13 °E
18 Dec Fri 4.34 °S 11.35 °E
22 Dec Tue 1.54 °S 6.23 °W
23 Dec Wed Anchored Annobon, Turtle Island SE
27 Dec Sun Weighed
1 Jan Fri 3.21 °S 9.52 °E
7 Jan Thu 5.9 °S 11.26 °E
8 Jan Fri Came to off Kabenda [= Cabinda]. Mr Loney (acting Surgeon) into "Dolphin" per order of senior officer
9 Jan Sat Joined Mr James P Thurburn (acting Lieutenant) and Mr Patrick Brennan (acting Surgeon) [from Dolphin]

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