HMS Rolla - log extracts 
HMS Rolla - log extracts 

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Extracts from the log of HMS Rolla for the period 22 February - 23 May 1845
Source: ADM 53/3030, 28 Dec 1844 - 23 July 1845.

Chatham - Plymouth - Madeira - Boa Vista - Porto Praya - Ascension - Sierra Leone.

HMS Rolla was commissioned on 28 December 1844 by Commander John Simpson for the Serra Leone and Gallinas division, and later the Gambia, Cape Verde, and Bissagos division of the West African station. She carried Wiliam Loney as a supernumerary to Sierra Leone where he was appointed to Penelope. That he was not purely a passenger is shown by the Admiralty records in ADM 104 where, on 24 March 1845, he "Stated the circumstances under which he charged a Bill for £ 8 towards the establishment of a Sick Mess Fund on board the Rolla".

8 Jan Wed In the Little Nores [at the mouth of the Medway River]: 7.30 p.m. Joined Wm Loney, Ass t Surgeon as supernumerary for a passage
24 Feb Mon Sailed for Plymouth
27 Feb Thu Plymouth
2 Mar Sun In the Hamoaze
3 Mar Mon Entered dry dock at Plymough
4 Mar Tue Alongside the Argo hulk at Plymouth
15 Mar Sat Sailed from Plymouth
25 Mar Tue Entered Funchal roads, Madeira
28 Mar Fri Sailed from Funchal
6 Apr Sun English roads, Boa Vista [Cape Verde islands]
8 Apr Tue At anchor in Porto Praya [modern Praia, São Tiago, Cape Verde islands]
14 Apr Mon Sailed for Ascension
12 May Mon Ascension
13 May Tue Sailed for Sierra Leone
23 May Fri Sierra Leone [where Penelope had arrived on 18 May]

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