Queens Regulations & Admiralty Instructions 1861
Queens Regulations & Admiralty Instructions 1861

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The Queens Regulations and the Admiralty Instructions - 1861




The Ships and Vessels of Her Majesty's Fleet shall consist of the following Classes arid Denominations:-


RATED SHIPS, that is to say, Ships registered on the List of the Royal Navy, under one of the six following rates:-

First Rates, to comprise all Ships carrying 110 Guns and upwards, or the complements of which consist of 1,000 Men, or more.

Second Rates, to comprise one of Her Majesty's Yachts, and all Ships carrying under 110 Guns, and more than 80, or the complements of which are under 1,000, and not less than 800 Men.

Third Rates, to comprise Her Majesty's other Yachts, and all such Ships as may bear the Flag or Pendant of an Admiral Superintendent or a Captain Superintendent of one of Her Majesty's Dock-yards; and all Ships carrying 80 Guns, and not less than 60, or the complements of which are under 800, and more than 600 Men.

Fourth Rates, to comprise all Frigate-built Ships, the complements of which are more than 410 Men.

Fifth Rates, to comprise all Ships, the complements of which are not more than 410, and not less than 300 Men.

Sixth Rates, to comprise all other Ships commanded by Captains.



To comprise all Ships commanded by Commanders.


All other Ships commanded by Lieutenants, or other Officers inferior in rank to Commanders.


The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are authorized to make such alterations in the classification and denomination of any of Her Majesty's Ships, as may from time to time seem to them to be expedient.


The circumstance of a Flag Officer, or Commodore of the First Class, hoisting his Flag, or Broad Pendant, on board any one of Her Majesty's Ships, shall make no change in the Rate or Class of such Ship, nor in the rank or pay of her Officers and Men, unless the Admiralty should deem it necessary to order otherwise.

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