Queens Regulations & Admiralty Instructions 1861
Queens Regulations & Admiralty Instructions 1861

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The Queens Regulations and the Admiralty Instructions - 1861




The Captain of the Fleet, as chief of the Staff, is to assist the Commander-in-chief, or senior Flag Officer of the Fleet, in the various details and arrangements for the management of such Fleet, and for maintaining it in the most efficient state possible; giving, from time to time, in the name of the Commander-in-chief, or senior Flag Officer of the Fleet, and with his sanction, such orders for the above object as circumstances may render necessary, and all orders so given by him are to be obeyed by every person in the Fleet, as well by Officers superior as by those inferior to him.


The following reports, returns, &c., are to be transmitted by Officers in command, to the Captain of the Fleet, who, after full investigation, will place them, with his own remarks thereon, before the Commander-in-chief, or senior Flag Officer, for his information or decision:-

i.Daily report of the state of the ship,
ii.Report of the state and condition of the ship,
iii.Report of defects,
iv.Applications for the Ship being refitted or repaired,
v.Such demands for money, stores, or provisions as the Commanders of Divisions or Squadrons may not be authorized to order,
vi.Attested copies of vouchers for the purchase of stores or provisions, and of vouchers for the payment of hired artificers, boats, vessels, &c.,
vii.Pay lists for extra pay,
viii.All the periodical returns called for in Article 27, at page 263, of these Instructions,
ix.Applications for leave of absence,
x.Applications for the discharge or exchange of Officers or Men,
xi.Applications for the examination of Officers or Men,
xii.All applications for Surveys,
xiii.Punishment warrants for approval,
xiv.Applications for Courts-Martial; - and,
xv.In general, all reports and returns connected with the discipline, equipment, efficiency, and state of the Ship.


The Captain of the Fleet is to keep a Journal of the proceedings of the Fleet, a copy of which is to be sent, at the end of every three months, to the Secretary of the Admiralty, through his Commander-in-chief, or the senior Flag Officer of the Fleet.

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