Queens Regulations & Admiralty Instructions 1861
Queens Regulations & Admiralty Instructions 1861

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MEMORANDUM, for the information of Officers commanding Her Majesty's Ships, of Places abroad where Coals may be obtained, from Established Depôts or under Local Contracts:-

LisbonLocal Contract.
GibraltarNaval Yard.
CorfuNaval Store in charge of Ionian Government.
AthensDitto of the Consul
AlexandriaP. and O. Steam Company.
FayalLocal Contract.
St. Vincent'sLocal Agreement.
Bathurst (Gambia)Local Government.
Sierra LeoneNaval Store in charge of Commissariat, and Depôt afloat.
Fernando PoDitto Admiralty Agent.
St. Paul de LoandoNaval Store in charge of British Commissioner.
AscensionNaval Store.
St. HelenaCommissariat.
Cape of Good HopeNaval Yard and Depôt afloat.
MauritiusLocal Contract
SingaporeNaval Store, in charge of Local Government.
Hong KongNaval Yard
ShanghaePaymaster in Charge.
TrincomaleeNaval Yard.
BarbadoesNaval Store in charge of Commissariat.
JamaicaNaval Yard.
AntiguaNaval Yard.
Rio de JaneiroLocal Contract.
CallaoFloating Depôt.
PanamaPacific Steam Company.
Auckland, New ZealandCommissariat.
Wellington, New ZealandCommissariat.
Vancouver'sNaval Store

At those Stations where there are no Commanders-in-Chief, the Consuls have copies of the Local Contracts for the information of the Captains of Her Majesty's Ships when in want of Coals; and where local agreements are in force the Officers are to request that the Admiralty authority for the supply may be produced from the Contractors, and where no depôts or agreements for supplies exist, purchases are to be made in accordance with the Admiralty Instructions.

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