William Loney R.N. - Ships
William Loney R.N. - Ships

Almost all the sailing ship data are from "The Sailing Navy List", by David Lyon, Conway Maritime Press, London, 1993; the paddle ship data are from "Paddle Warships", by David K. Brown, Conway Maritime Press, London, 1993).
Data on Emerald and Glasgow from original documents in the National Archives ('Ships's Books' in ADM 135 series and 'Ships' Logs' in ADM 53 series).

Class and date first ship of class ordered; the class was named for the first ship of the class ordered; if that ship was lost the class name was sometimes changed to that of the oldest surviving ship
Length on range of deck or lower deck for larger ships; this is roughly equivalent to the modern "length between perpendiculars"
Length of keel for tonnage a somewhat theoretical measurement, used for calculating the tonnage
Breadth the moulded breath (i.e. the width of the frame at the widest part)
Depth in hold another theoretical measurement, used for calculating the tonnage
Tons (b.m.) to the nearest ton; in "Builders Old Measurement", a theoretical carrying capacity, and not a displacement; calculated by (LK×Br×½×Br)÷ 94
Tons (disp.) displacement, equivalent to the weight of the vessel
Yard the addition "Dockyard" indicates a Navy dockyard, otherwise a private yard
Date ordered  
Date keel laid  
Date launched  
Men The (theoretical) number of officers and men on the "establishment"
Guns 2x8 = two guns firing 8 pound shot; 2x8" = two guns firing 8 inch shell; * = carronades; GD=gundeck, UD = upper deck, QD = quarterdeck, FC = forecastle, RH = round house poop)
Others in class other ships in the same class

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