Chandos Scudamore Scudamore Stanhope R.N.
Chandos Scudamore Scudamore Stanhope R.N.

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Chandos Scudamore Scudamore Stanhope R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
1823 Born
16 July 1870April 1871Private secretary to First Lord of the Admiralty, Hugh Culling Eardley Childers
7 July 1871 Died (of smallpox at the Royal Naval Hospital, Bighi, Malta, in command of Caledonia)
2 March 1846Lieutenant
13 May 1856Commander
10 August 1858Captain
Date fromDate toService
21 September 1855 Lieutenant and commander in Caradoc, Mediterranean
18 August 1856 Commander (2ic) in Royal Albert, commanded by William Robert Mends, flagship of Rear-Admiral Edmund Lyons, Mediterranean
27 July 1866 Captain in Ocean, Mediterranean, then flagship of Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Kellett, China
11 May 18717 July 1871Captain in Caledonia, Mediterranean (until Stanhope died)

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