John Moresby R.N.
John Moresby R.N.

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John Moresby R.N.Explanation
Youngest son of Fairfax Moresby R.N. (1786-1877)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
15 March 1830 Born (Lympstone, Devon, England)
7 April 1859 Married Jane Wills (1838-1876), daughter of Philip Scott (1820-????)
1876 Wrote 'Discoveries and Surveys in New GuineaExternal link'
1909 Wrote 'Two Admirals'External link
12 July 1922 Died (Fareham, Hampshire)
Obituary in the Times newspaper
2 July 1851Lieutenant
11 December 1858Commander
21 November 1864Captain
26 July 1881Rear-Admiral
1 May 1888Vice-Admiral
8 November 1888Retired Vice-Admiral
13 May 1893Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
December 1842 Midshipman in Caledonia, commanded by Captain Alexander Milne, flagship of Admiral David Milne, Devonport
1845 Midshipman in America, commanded by Captain John Gordon, Pacific
15 March 184931 August 1849Mate in Odin, commanded by Captain Frederick Thomas Pelham, Mediterranean
18 September 184923 December 1850Mate in Excellent, commanded by Captain Henry Ducie Chads, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
24 December 185021 May 1851Mate in Amphitrite, commanded by Captain Charles Frederick, Pacific
22 May 18511 July 1851Acting lieutenant in Gorgon, commanded by Commander James Aylmer Dorset Paynter, Pacific
2 July 18511 October 1851Lieutenant in Gorgon, commanded by Commander James Aylmer Dorset Paynter, Pacific
2 October 18514 February 1854Lieutenant in Thetis, commanded by Captain Augustus Leopold Kuper, Pacific
9 March 185431 October 1854Lieutenant in Driver, commanded by Commander Arthur Auckland Leopold Pedro Cochrane, the Baltic during the Russian War
1 November 185410 January 1855Lieutenant in Caesar, commanded by Captain John Robb, Devonport
11 January 185520 February 1855Lieutenant in Excellent, commanded by Captain Thomas Maitland, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
21 February 18552 April 1856Lieutenant in Hawke, commanded by Captain Erasmus Ommanney, the Baltic, as senior officer in the Gulf of Riga during the Russian War, and then at Falmouth
3 April 185630 June 1856Lieutenant in Conway, commanded by Captain John Fulford, Queenstown
1 July 185628 February 1858Lieutenant in Hogue, commanded by Captain John Fulford, Queenstown
1 March 18589 December 1858Lieutenant in Nile, commanded by Captain Henry Chads, Queenstown
20 December 18613 June 1863Commander in Snake, East Indies and China
26 November 186319 May 1865Commander in Argus, China (including the bombardment of Simonoseki)
23 January 187115 December 1874Captain in Basilisk (from commissioning until paying off at Sheerness), Australia; first exploring the area of what is now Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, in 1873
30 September 18766 March 1878Captain in Endymion, Coast Guard, the Humber
7 March 18787 May 1881Captain in Terror, receiving ship, Bermuda
25 April 1882 Naval Assessor to the Board of Trade

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