William Elrington Gordon R.N.
William Elrington Gordon R.N.

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William Elrington Gordon R.N.Explanation
Son of Robert Cumming Hamilton Gordon (1799-1874) of the Scots Guards
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
20 May 1831 Born ( Worcester, Worcestershire)
19 October 1865 Married Emily Barbara (1843-1914), daughter of Sir Edward Chaddock Gorst/Lowndes
7 July 1897 Died (East Hill, Fareham, Hampshire)
Obituary in the Times newspaper
1844Entered Navy
22 October 1853Lieutenant
10 August 1861Commander
16 April 1868Captain
5 July 1885Rear-Admiral
18 September 1891Retired Vice Admiral
Date fromDate toService
7 August 185011 August 1851Mate in Excellent, commanded by Captain Henry Ducie Chads, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
12 August 185119 April 1854Mate in Virago, commanded by Commander William Houston Stewart, Pacific
20 April 185426 September 1854Lieutenant in St George, commanded by Captain Harry Eyres, particular service
27 September 18544 April 1857Lieutenant in Duke of Wellington, commanded by Captain Henry Caldwell, flagship of Rear-Admiral Richard Saunders Dundas, the Baltic during the Russian War
18 April 185724 February 1858Lieutenant in Melville, commanded by Commander Henry Trollope, Hospital ship, Hong Kong
23 July 186012 December 1861Lieutenant in Impérieuse, commanded by Captain Rochfort Maguire then George Ommaney Willes, flagship of Rear-Admiral Lewis Tobias Jones, East Indies and China
13 December 186123 February 1862Lieutenant in , East Indies and China
13 December 186123 February 1862Lieutenant in Leven, East Indies and China
27 February 186417 May 1865Commander in Ranger (from commissioning at Woolwich), west coast of Africa (until invalided)
18 January 18661 June 1866Commander in Star
2 June 18666 September 1868Commander in Peterel (from commissioning at Plymouth), Cape of Good Hope and east coast of Africa
1 July 18744 July 1875Captain in Jumna
24 May 18777 June 1878Captain in Rupert, Mediterranean
3 May 187914 February 1883Captain in Vernon, Portsmouth, Torpedo School Ship
29 December 18841 April 1885Captain in Royal Adelaide, flagship, Plymouth
2 April 188530 July 1885Captain in Hector, Ship of First Reserve, Coast Guard, Southampton Water (including summer cruise)
6 August 188821 May 1891Admiral superintendent of Portsmouth dockyard (flag in Asia)

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