Charles Fenton Fletcher Boughey R.N.
Charles Fenton Fletcher Boughey R.N.

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Charles Fenton Fletcher Boughey R.N.Explanation
The youngest son of Sir John Fenton Boughey
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
12 December 1828 Born (Staffordshire England)
18 September 1894 Died
Boughey Bay, in British Columbia, Canada, is named after him
Obituary in the Times newspaper
13 March 1844Mate
9 November 1846Lieutenant
21 November 1859Commander
11 April 1866Captain
9 January 1873Retired Captain
8 January 1883Retired Rear-Admiral
15 December 1888Retired Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
14 March 18448 September 1846Mate in Orestes, commanded by Commander Edward St Leger Cannon, Mediterranean
20 March 184726 May 1849Lieutenant in Philomel, commanded by Commander William Cotterell Wood, west coast of Africa
27 May 184915 June 1849acting Commander in Philomel, west coast of Africa
16 June 184925 September 1849Lieutenant in Philomel, commanded by acting Commander Charles Fenton Fletcher Boughey, west coast of Africa
16 November 185017 September 1853Lieutenant in Harlequin, commanded by Commander Arthur Parry Eardley-Wilmot, west coast of Africa
20 January 185427 April 1855Lieutenant in Trafalgar, commanded by Captain Henry Francis Greville, Mediterranean
9 August 185519 November 1859Lieutenant in Havannah, commanded by Thomas Harvey, Pacific
12 July 186014 October 1862Commander (2ic) in Exmouth, commanded by Captain James Aylmer Dorset Paynter, Mediterranean
2 February 186331 March 1863Additional Commander in Indus, commanded by Captain Astley Cooper Key, guard ship of the Steam Reserve, Devonport, flagship of the Admiral Superintendent of Devonport Dockyard (Rear-Admiral Thomas Sabine Pasley, then Rear-Admiral Thomas Matthew Charles Symonds), for service in Canopus
1 April 18636 March 1866Commander (2ic) in Canopus, commanded by Captain Charles Henry May then Captain George Le Geyt Bowyear then Captain Thomas Henry Mason, receiving ship, Devonport
31 July 187119 October 1872Captain in Spartan (from commissioning at Portsmouth), West Indies (until Boughey superceded at his own request)

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