Hawksworth Fawkes R.N.
Hawksworth Fawkes R.N.

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Hawksworth Fawkes R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
1836 Born
17 July 1876 Died (in command of Spartan)
May 1849Entered Navy
25 May 1857Lieutenant
25 March 1863Commander
22 May 1870Captain
Date fromDate toService
February 1858 Additional Lieutenant in Calcutta
(1858) Lieutenant in Pearl, commanded by Edward Southwell Sotheby, Pacific, and in Pearl's Naval Brigade during the Indian Mutiny
14 July 18591862Lieutenant in Impérieuse, commanded by Rochford Maguire, flagship of Rear-Admiral Lewis Tobias Jones, East Indies and China
1 October 1862 Acting Commander (2ic) in Impérieuse, commanded by Robert Gibson, China
29 July 1868 Commander in Cracker, south-east coast of America
1874September 1875Captain in Jumna, troopship (until Fawkes invalided)
15 June 187617 July 1876Captain in Spartan (from commissioning at Sheerness), en route for the East Indies (until Fawkes died off Vigo, wherupon the vessel returned to Portsmouth)

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