John Venour Fletcher R.N.
John Venour Fletcher R.N.

The Royal Navy

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John Venour Fletcher R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
14 November 1801 Born (at Chesterfield)
1877 Died
13 February 1814Entered Navy
8 September 1827Lieutenant
28 June 1838Commander
8 June 1841Captain
20 April 1861Retired Rear-Admiral
6 April 1866Retired Vice-Admiral
2 October 1872Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
24 November 1827 Lieutenant in Fairy, commanded by George William Conway Courtenay
182? Lieutenant in Fairy, commanded by Dennis O'Brien
April 1828 Lieutenant in Fairy, commanded by Francis Blair
18 July 18295 October 1829Lieutenant in Druid, commanded by Williams Sandom
16 May 1831 Lieutenant in Prince Regent, flagship of Rear-Admiral William Parker, Lisbon
4 July 1831 Lieutenant in Curacoa, commanded by David Dunn
21 August 1835 Lieutenant in Jupiter, commanded by Frederick William Grey
27 September 1836 Lieutenant in Conway, commanded by Charles Ramsay Drinkwater-Bethune
29 April 183924 October 1841Commander (2ic) in Wellesley, commanded by Thomas Maitland, flagship, East Indies

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