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William Allen R.N.

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William Allen R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
November 1792 Born (Weymouth).
18321834Volunteer in Richard Landers Niger expedition, in which Lander was killed He returned to England one of only nine survivors of the 47 expedition members.
18 November 1841 Fellow of the Royal Society.
1849 Travelled through (and later wrote on) Syria and Palestine.
23 January 1864 Died.
He was an accomplished musician; some of his landscape paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1828 to 1847.
Literature: (DNB; O'Byrne).
2 October 1805Entered Navy
2 March 1815Lieutenant
20 June 1838Commander
31 January 1842Captain
12 April 1862Retired Rear-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
2 October 1805 1st class Volunteer in Standard 64, commanded by Thomas Harvey
18??February 1810Serving in Majestic
1813 Serving in Leda, commanded by George Sayer
1815 Serving in Hesper, commanded by William Everard
12 November 183520 June 1836Lieutenant in William and Mary
10 October 184029 June 1841Commander in Wilberforce, 1841 Niger expedition

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