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Mungo Park

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Mungo Park 
Seventh of 13 children.
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10 September 1771 Born (Fowlshiels, near Selkirk).
1786 Apprenticed to Thomas Anderson, surgeon, of Selkirk.
October 1789 Entered Edinburgh University.
1791 Diploma in Surgery.
February 1792 Assistant medical officer, Worcester, East Indiaman.
22 May 1795 Sailed from Portsmouth on expedition to the Niger, sponsored by the African Association.
5 July 1795 Arrived at Pisania, a British factory two hundred miles up the Gambia.
2 December 1795 Left Pisania.
10 June 1797 Returned to Pisania after difficult journey to Silla.
2 August 1799 Married the eldest daughter of his old master, Anderson of Selkirk.
October 1801 In medical practice at Peebles.
30 January 1805 Sailed from Portsmouth on new expedition to the Niger.
29 April 1805 Arrived at Pisania, 40 Europeans in his party.
19 August 1805 Reached Bambakoo on the Niger and proceeded down the river to Sansanding.
19 November 1805 Left Sansanding with four remaining members of his party.
1806 Killed, apparently in fight at Bousa.
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