John Barrow
John Barrow

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John Barrow 
Only son of Roger Barrow.
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19 June 1764 Born (Dragley Beck, Ulverston, Lancashire).
17?? Educated as Town Bank Grammar School at Ulverston.
17?? Sailed in Greenland whaler.
1775 Comptroller of the household, and interpreter to Lord Macartney, Ambassador in China.
17?? Private secretary to Lord Macartney, Cape of Good Hope.
17781781Timekeeper in a Liverpool ironfoundry.
August 1798 Married Anna Maria, daughter of Peter John Tr?ter, a Stellenbosch judge.
1803 Returned to England.
22 May 18049 February 1806Appointed Second secretary of the Admiralty by Lord Melville.
1806 Fellow of the Royal Society.
8 April 180728 January 1845Second Secretary to the Admiralty.
1830 Founder member and Chairman of (later Royal) Geographical Society.
30 March 1835 Baronet.
23 November 1848 Died (aged 85).
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