Thomas Miller R.N.
Thomas Miller R.N.

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Thomas Miller R.N.Explanation
Son of Thomas Miller of Glenlee (c1781-1827)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
29 November 1819 Born (Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland)
26 June 1856 Married firstly Anne Julia (c1833-1874), daughter of Dr Patrick Miller (c1783-????)
5 September 1878 Married secondly Eliza Mary Anne (1854, married to Robert John Henry, divorced 1860, died 1892), daughter of Henry Forster
22 April 1899 Died
Entry in O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
Obituary in the Times newspaper
1833Entered Navy
22 July 1844Lieutenant
23 August 1847Commander
16 May 1855Captain
6 April 1873Rear-Admiral
21 March 1878Vice-Admiral
9 September 1879Retired Vice-Admiral
30 October 1884Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
7 June 18391 April 1840Mate in Vanguard, commanded by Captain Thomas Fellowes, Mediterranean
7 October 184022 September 1841Mate in Britannia, commanded by Captain John Drake, Lisbon and the Mediterranean
23 September 18416 January 1842Mate in Powerful, commanded by Captain Michael Seymour, Mediterranean
13 January 184217 February 1842Mate in Carysfort, commanded by Captain George Paulet, Pacific
18 February 184229 August 1844Mate in
20 August 184414 March 1846Lieutenant in Agincourt, commanded by Captain Henry William Bruce, flagship of Rear-Admiral Thomas John Cochrane (Bruce's brother-in-law), East Indies
15 March 184611 July 1846Lieutenant in Vixen, commanded by Commander George Giffard, East Indies
1 January 184727 October 1847Lieutenant in Caledonia, commanded by Captain Manley Hall Dixon, Devonport
13 June 184925 October 1851Commander in Ranger, west coast of Africa
27 November 18522 April 1853Commander (2ic) in Penelope, commanded by Captain Henry Lyster, west coast of Africa
3 April 185325 April 1855Commander in Crane, west coast of Africa
23 June 185929 August 1863Captain in Clio (from commissioning at Sheerness until paying off at Sheerness), Pacific
7 April 18658 April 1868Captain in Royal George, Coast Guard, Kingstown (and in July 1867 to Spithead for Royal Review on the occasion of the visit of the Ottoman Sultan to Britain)
4 April 186911 June 1869Captain in Agincourt, Sheerness
12 June 186930 June 1870Captain in Pembroke, flagship of Richard Laird Warren, Sheerness

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