Lord John Hay R.N.
Lord John Hay R.N.

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Lord John Hay R.N.Explanation
Fourth son of George Hay, 8th Marquess of Tweeddale (1787-1876), and nephew of Lord John Hay (1783-1851)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
23 August 1827 Born (Geneva)
5 July 1855 C.B. (Companion of the Bath)
11 April 18576 April 1859M.P. (Liberal) for Wick
26 February 186615 February 1871M.P. (Liberal) for Ripon
8 June 1876 Married Annie Christina, daughter of Nathaniel Grace Lambert
4 May 1916 Died (Fulmer Place, Fulmer, Buckinghamshire)
According to the DNB he 'was one of the last 'political' admirals: his family connections and Liberal politics played a vital part in his career, though his service in the Crimea and China justified his promotion'.
Obituary in the Times newspaper
1839Entered Navy
19 December 1846Lieutenant
28 August 1851Commander
27 November 1854Captain
7 May 1872Rear-Admiral
31 December 1877Vice-Admiral
8 July 1884Admiral
15 December 1888Admiral of the Fleet
23 August 1897Retired Admiral of the Fl
Date fromDate toService
19 December 184614 January 1847Lieutenant in Agincourt, commanded by Captain William James Hope Johnstone, East Indies
15 January 184730 July 1847Lieutenant in Spiteful, commanded by Commander William Legge George Hoste, East Indies
16 April 18481 March 1851Lieutenant in Powerful, commanded by Richard Saunders Dundas, Mediterranean
5 May 185131 August 1851Lieutenant in St George, commanded by Captain Joseph Nias, guard ship of Ordinary, Devonport
21 August 185227 November 1854Commander in Wasp, Mediterranean, and Black Sea during the Russian War
28 November 185416 January 1855Captain in Tribune, Black Sea during the Russian War
17 January 1855 Supernumerary captain in Wasp, commanded by Commander Henry Lloyd, Mediterranean, on passage back to England (and paid as a Commander)
8 December 185523 October 1856Captain in Forth (from commissioning), Devonport (and the 1856 Royal Naval review)
20 September 18597 July 1861Captain in Odin, East Indies and China (in command of a division of gunboats during the second capture of the Taku forts in August 1860)
8 July 186128 August 1863Commodore in Odin, East Indies and China
3 March 18649 July 1864Additional captain in Formidable, commanded by Captain John Fulford, flagship of Vice-Admiral Charles Talbot, Sheerness for service in Achilles (commissioning)
10 April 186612 July 1866Commissioner of the Admiralty (Fifth Naval Lord then Fourth Naval Lord)
18 December 186828 June 1871Commissioner of the Admiralty (Junior Naval Lord)
14 November 187123 May 1872Captain in Hotspur, Devonport
18751876Second in command, Channel squadron
10 November 187710 December 1879Commander-in-chief, Channel squadron
28 April 18803 March 1883Commissioner of the Admiralty (Second Naval Lord)
15 May 188022 June 1880Commissioner of the Admiralty (First Naval Lord)
7 February 18835 February 1886Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean, flag in Alexandra
15 February 18863 August 1886Commissioner of the Admiralty (First Naval Lord)
25 May 188715 December 1888Commander-in-chief, Devonport

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