Alan Henry Gardner R.N.
Alan Henry Gardner R.N.

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Alan Henry Gardner R.N.Explanation
Son of Major General the Hon. William Henry Gardner (1774-1856)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
25 August 1817 Born (Colchester, Essex, England)
3 January 1860 Married Amy Sophia (1836-1910), daughter of John Payne Elwes (1798-1849)
30 July 1880 Died (London)
14 September 1832Entered Navy
30 October 1841Lieutenant
21 December 1848Commander
10 May 1856Captain
26 August 1872Retired Captain
11 June 1874Retired Rear-Admiral
1 February 1879Retired Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
8 November 184130 August 1845Lieutenant in Aigle, commanded by Captain Lord Clarence Edward Paget, Mediterranean
30 April 184623 January 1849Lieutenant in Polyphemus, commanded by Commander James Johnstone McCleverty, Channel squadron, then Mediterranean
28 June 185120 May 1854Commander in Waterwitch, west coast of Africa
(1 March 1855)10 May 1856Commander in Driver, the Baltic during the Russian War
2 September 186121 June 1865Captain in Orestes (from commissioning at Sheerness until paying off at Sheerness), Cape of Good Hope
20 April 186625 May 1867Captain in Victoria, flagship of Vice-Admiral Lord Clarence Edward Paget, Mediterranean
26 May 186731 May 1869Captain in Caledonia (until paying off at Malta), flagship of Rear-Admiral Lord Clarence Edward Paget, Mediterranean
1 June 186931 May 1859Captain in Revenge, bringing home Vice-Admiral George Rodney Mundy and the old crew of Caledonia, flagship in the Mediterranean
14 April 187021 August 1872Captain in Mersey (until paying off at Plymouth), flagship, Queenstown (replaced by Revenge)

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