Vessels of the Apollo (1798) class
Vessels of the Apollo (1798) class

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This table shows all vessels of the class which were carried on the books of the Royal Navy in the period 1840-1880. The total number of vessels in the class may have been higher (vessels disposed of before 1840 or acquired after 1880).

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Semiramis1808.07.251844WWFifth rate94436
Owen Glendower1808.11.211884WWFifth rate951361842 convict ship
Curacoa1809.09.231849WWFifth rate95636
Belvidera1809.12.231906WWFifth rate946361846 h.s.
Astraea1810.051851WWFifth rate956361823 h.s.
Galatea1810.08.311849WWFifth rate94736
Havannah1811.03.261905WWFifth rate949361860 lent as t.s.
Maidstone1811.10.181865WWFifth rate947361832 r.s. 1839 c.h.
Magicienne1812.08.081845WWFifth rate949361831 24 gun 6th rate
Barrosa1812.10.121841WWFifth rate947361823 h.s.
Dartmouth1813.08.281854WWFifth rate952361831 h.s.
Tartar1814.04.061859WWFifth rate949381830 r.s.
Brilliant1814.12.281908WWFifth rate954361843 reduced to 22 guns. 1959 RNR t.s. 1889 = Briton
Pallas1816.04.131862WWFifth rate951361836 c.h.

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