Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper
Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper

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The following obituary for Thomas Harvey Royse appeared in the Times newspaper.

Obituary in the Times newspaper
8 December 1909

Vice-Admiral Royse.

Vice-Admiral Thomas Harvey Royse, who died on December 6 at Brunswick Lodge, Walmer, was the eldest son of Commander Forde Royse, R.N., of Walmer, and a member of a Kentish family which has had many representatives in the naval service.

Born in 1835, he joined the Royal Navy in 1849, and, as a midshipman of the President, served in the landing party at Petropaulovski during the war with Russia in 1854. He was made a mate in the following year, a lieutenant in 1857, a commander in 1868, and a captain in 1876. He was in command of the Hart at the removal of the Spanish warships, the crews of which had rebelled, at Carthagena in September, 1873, and during the operations in the Lingee and Lukat rivers against Malays in 1874. For the latter business he received the Perak medal with clasp. In 1882 he was captain of the Tamar, and was commended by the Admiralty for his services; he also received the Egyptian medal, the Khedive’s bronze star, and the Osmanieh of the 3rd class. As captain of the Orion he was senior officer at Alexandria and in Egyptian waters during the close of the Sudan operations in 1885. His last ship was the Hotspur, first reserve ship at Harwich, and he commanded a squadron during the manoeuvres of 1889. In December, 1890, he retired from active service, became a rear-admiral in 1891, and a vice-admiral in 1897.

Admiral Royse, who was a nautical assessor to the House of Lords, and in the enjoyment of a naval pension of £100 a year, married, in 1863, Georgianna, the only daughter of Captain E.R. Boardman, 7th Madras Native Infantry.

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