Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper
Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper

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The following obituary for Frederick Lamport Barnard appeared in the Times newspaper.

Obituary in the Times newspaper
30 July 1880We have to record the death of Vice-Admiral Frederick Lamport Barnard, which occurred suddenly from heart-disease on Wednesday last. The eldest son of the late Rear-Admiral Edward Barnard, by his marriage with Miss Mary Parkin, he was born in the year 1813. He entered the Navy in 1827 as a first-class volunteer on board the Revenge, and was for some time employed on the home station. He subsequently joined the Jaseur, and in that sloop and the Badger served for five years at the Cape of Good Hope. He passed his examination in 1833, and was employed on the Lisbon station, and afterwards in the conveyance of troops to North America and the West Indies-In 1840 he was appointed Lieutenant on hoard the Excellent, gunnery-ship at Portsmouth; but was afterwards transferred to the Cleopatra at the Cape of Good Hope. His next appointments were to the Thunderbolt and to the Prince Regent. On his promotion to the rank of Commander in 1851 he was appointed to the Leander, in which ship, and again in the Prince Regent, he continued for some time employed. In 1852 he obtained the command of the Vesuvius, but in the same year was transferred, with his officers and crew, to the Vixen. He subsequently sailed for Buenos Ayres with Sir Charles Hotham, the British Minister-Plenipotentiary appointed to establish a commercial treaty with the Argentine States. After having occupied the position of Senior Officer at Buenos Ayres, he returned home, and the Vixen was paid off in September, 1855. He was promoted to the rank of Captain in the following month. He became a Rear-Admiral on the retired list in 1874, and was promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral in 1879.

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