HMS Aetna (1856)
HMS Aetna (1856)

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NameAetna (1856)Explanation
TypeFloating battery   
Launched5 April 1856
Builders measure1558 tons
Ships bookADM 135/6
Note1866 h.s.
1873 accidentally burnt
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Th 5 April 1866The Ætna, one of the old class of iron floating batteries, built during the late war with Russia, and since laid up in the Chatham Steam Reserve, has been stripped of the whole of her internal fittings, bulkheads, &c, and her machinery taken out, in order that she may be fitted as a floating residence for the married officers of the metropolitan police doing duty at the dockyard, who have hitherto been accommodated on board the Nymph, 42. The Ætna has been completely fitted for the service for which she is intended, and in the course of a few days will be taken possession of by the members of the police force. The Nymph is to be fitted and used exclusively as a Roman Catholic floating chapel for the officers and men of the fleet.

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