HMS Bramble (1822)
HMS Bramble (1822)

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NameBramble (1822)Explanation
Launched8 April 1822
Builders measure161 tons
Ships book
Note1842 survey vessel.
1853 lent as diving-bell vessel.
1876 sold as lightship
Snippets concerning this vessels career
(January 1840)Out of commission at Plymouth
2 April 1842Commanded by Lieutenant Charles Bampfield Yule, tender to Fly, East Indies
22 April 1847Commanded by Lieutenant Charles Bampfield Yule, tender to Rattlesnake, East Indies (first explorer of southern part of New Guinea)
(27 August 1855)Tender to Calliope, Australia
Extracts from the Times newspaper
We 24 January 1849

Portsmouth, Jan. 23.

The Dido, 18, Captain J.B. Maxwell, arrived at Spithead this morning, as noticed else where, and is ordered to Sheerness to be paid off. This ship has made an astonishingly quick passage home — the quickest, we believe, yet known. She has run over 13,438 miles in 77 days, and has averaged 174 miles per day since she left New Zealand, from which station she ran to Cape Horn (5,017 miles) in 25 days.
The Havannah, 22, Captain Erskine, was at Auckland when the Dido sailed.
The Rattlesnake surveying ship, Captain Owen Stanley, and her tender the Bramble, were surveying in Torres Straits.
The Fly, 18, Captain Oliver, was at Wellington.
The Acheron surveying steam sloop. Captain Stokes, was at Newcastle, a small place near Sydney, coaling, on her way to New Zealand.
All who went out in the Dido have come home in her — a rare occurrence.

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