HMS Daphne (1838)
HMS Daphne (1838)

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NameDaphne (1838)Explanation
TypeSixth rate   
Launched6 August 1838
Builders measure726 tons
Ships book
Snippets concerning this vessels career
15 November 1838
- May 1842
Commanded by Captain John Windham Dalling, Mediterranean (including operations on the coast of Syria in 1840)
23 July 1842
- 26 January 1847
Commanded (until paying off at Chatham) by Captain John James Onslow, Pacific. Upon returning Onslow was court-martialled for failing to "transmit to the commander-in-chief at Portsmouth a statement of all the circumstances of the said ship Daphne having touched the ground on the 31st day of December" (she being ten minutes on the Rocken End shoal, off St Catherine's while beating up the Channel to Spithead). The case was consider proved and Onslow, and the Master, Daniel M'Donnell Jago, were both reprimanded.
26 October 1848
- 14 August 1852
Commanded (from commissioning at Chatham) by Captain Edward Gennys Fanshawe, Pacific
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Ma 30 October 1848

CHATHAM, Oct. 28.

The Rosamond steam-sloop, 4 guns, Commander John Foote, arrived hero last evening, and will be paid off next week.
The Daphne, 18 guns, fitting for sea, was commissioned yesterday by Captain Edward G. Fanshawe, and this morning the captain left for Sheerness and had an interview with the Port Admiral. The Tartar hulk is taken up for the use of the officers and the crew until the Daphne is fit to receive them.
The Vernon, 50 guns, Captain John C. Fitzgerald, arrived at Sheerness yesterday afternoon from the East Indies, where she has been stationed as a flag-ship. She is expected here by thia day's tide to be paid off.

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