HMS Heroine (1841)
HMS Heroine (1841)

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NameHeroine (1841)Explanation
TypePacket brig   
Launched16 August 1841
Builders measure359 tons
Ships book
Note1865 h.s.
Snippets concerning this vessels career
1 September 1841
- 31 March 1843
Commanded by Lieutenant Thomas Dilnot Stewart, west coast of Africa
14 February 1843Commanded by Lieutenant Henry Richard Foote, west coast of Africa
28 August 1845Commanded by Commander Charles Edmunds, west coast of Africa
14 April 1849Commanded by Commander John Barling Marsh, west coast of Africa
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Th 9 November 1848Her Majesty's sloop Ranger, 8, Commander Charles F. Newland, which get ashore at St. Vincent (Cape de Verd) on the 22nd of July, was sunk on the 8th of September, in being hove down by the Pantaloon, but was afloat when the Heroine arrived there, The James Town, American Commodore, had rendered considerable assistance to the Ranger. All the Ranger's keel, fore foot, and butt ends are gone, and several of her timbers are showing; it is doubtful if she can be repaired sufficiently to enable her to come home.

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