HMS Impregnable (launched as Howe, 1860)
HMS Impregnable (launched as Howe, 1860)

The Royal Navy

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NameImpregnable (launched as Howe, 1860)Explanation
TypeFirst rate TypeThree-decker
Launched7 March 1860   
HullWooden Length260 feet
PropulsionScrew Men1000
Builders measure4245 tons   
Displacement6959 tons   
Fate1921 Last in commission-
Class  Class (as screw)Victoria
Ships bookADM 135/248   
 Never fitted for sea.
7 March 1860Launched at Pembroke Dockyard.
3 December 1885Renamed Bulwark, boys training ship, Plymouth
27 September 1886Renamed Impregnable (replacement for Impregnable at Devonport)
22 September 1892
- 11 January 1893
Commanded by Captain William Wiseman, training ship, Plymouth (until he died)
December 1919Renamed Bulwark
18 February 1921Sold to J.B. Garnham for breaking up.

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