HMS Impregnable III (launched as Black Prince, 1861)
HMS Impregnable III (launched as Black Prince, 1861)

The Royal Navy

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NameImpregnable III (launched as Black Prince, 1861)Explanation
TypeIronclad broadside frigate   
Launched27 February 1861
Builders measure6109 tons
Displacement9210 tons
Ships bookADM 135/46
NoteLaid down as Invincible.
1899 t.s.
1903 = Emerald.
1910 = Impregnable III
Snippets concerning this vessels career
17 June 1862
- 24 September 1864
Commanded by Captain James Francis Ballard Wainwright, Channel squadron (second in command)
20 September 1864Commanded by Captain Frederick Herbert Kerr, Channel squadron
7 May 1866Commanded by Captain John Corbett, flagship at Queenstown
9 September 1868
- 6 September 1871
Commanded by Captain Alexander Crombie Gordon, Coast Guard, Greenock (replacing Lion), (and, May 1869, cruise of the Reserve Fleet)
6 September 1871Commanded by Captain Edward Lacy, Coast Guard, Greenock (and 1873 cruise of the Reserve Squadron)
29 July 1875Commanded by Captain Thomas Bridgeman Lethbridge, flagship of Rear-Admiral Lord John Hay, then (1 Jan 1877) Rear-Admiral Augustus Phillimore second in command, Channel squadron
27 April 1878
- 23 December 1878
Commanded (until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain Duke of Edinburgh, Mediterranean
1903Renamed Emerald
1910Renamed Impregnable III

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