HMS Indus V (launched as Ganges, 1821)
HMS Indus V (launched as Ganges, 1821)

The Royal Navy

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NameIndus V (launched as Ganges, 1821)Explanation
TypeSecond rate   
Launched10 November 1821
Builders measure2248 tons
Displacement3594 tons
Ships book
Note1865 t.s.
1906 = Tenedos III.
1910 = Indus V.
1922 = Impregnable III
Snippets concerning this vessels career
- October 1822
Commanded by Captain Francis Augustus Collier, bringing this newly built ship home from Bombay
17 October 1838
- 18 April 1842
Commanded by Captain Barrington Reynolds, Mediterranean (including operations on the coast of Syria in 1840)
(January 1843)Out of commission at Sheerness
(10 January 1848)Commanded by Captain George Thomas Gordon
1 March 1848Commanded by Captain Henry Smith (Sheerness), Mediterranean
25 June 1857Commanded by Captain John Fulford, flagship of Rear-Admiral Robert Lambert Baynes, Pacific
26 July 1866
- 20 April 1867
Commanded by Commander Frederick William Wilson, training ship for boys, Falmouth (after Commander Frederick Hildebrand Stevens and his First Lieutenant were superseded for given punishments not laid down in the Training regulations)
20 April 1867Commanded by Commander Joseph Edward Maitland Wilson, training ship for boys, Falmouth
8 August 1891
- 9 March 1894
Commanded by Commander John Rolleston Prickett, boys training ship
1906Renamed Tenedos III
1910Renamed Indus V
1922Renamed Impregnable III

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