HMS Perseus (1861)
HMS Perseus (1861)

The Royal Navy

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NamePerseus (1861)Explanation
TypeSloop (1862: Corvette)   
Launched21 August 1861   
HullWooden Length185 feet
PropulsionScrew Men180
Builders measure955 tons   
Displacement1365 tons   
Fate1931 Last in commission1869
ClassCamelion Class (as screw)Camelion
Ships book   
21 August 1861Launched at Pembroke Dockyard
28 September 1862
- 21 November 1864
Commanded (from commissioning at Plymouth) by Commander Augustus John Kingston, China (including the bombardments of Kagoshima and Simonoseki)
21 November 1864
- 22 January 1866
Commanded (until paying off) by Commander Charles Edward Stevens, China
23 January 1866
- 24 October 1869
Commanded (from commissioning until paying off) by Commander Charles Edward Stevens, China
(1879)Used for scrubbing hammocks &c. for Cambridge, Devonport
(1890)Attached to Defiance for torpedo instructional purposes, Devonport
1904Renamed Defiance II
26 June 1931Sold
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