HMS Collingwood (1841)
HMS Collingwood (1841)

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NameCollingwood (1841)Explanation
TypeSecond rate TypeTwo-decker
Launched (Sail)17 August 1841 Converted to screw13 July 1861
HullWooden Length190 feet
PropulsionSail Men750
Builders measure2589 tons Builders measure (as screw)2589 tons
Displacement  Displacement (as screw)3482 tons
Guns80 Guns (as screw)80
Fate1867 Last in commission-
Class  Class (as screw)Majestic
Ships bookADM 135/96   
Snippets concerning career prior to conversion
17 August 1841Launched as 3rd rate sailing ship at Pembroke Dockyard.
8 May 1844
- 13 August 1844
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth) by Commander Henry Broadhead, Portsmouth
13 August 1844
- 20 July 1848
Commanded (until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain Robert Smart, flagship of Rear-Admiral George Francis Seymour, Pacific
Career as unarmoured wooden screw vessel
13 July 1861Undocked as screw at Chatham Dockyard.
 Never fitted for sea as screw ship
March 1867Sold to Castle for breaking up at Charlton.

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