HMS Lizard (1844)
HMS Lizard (1844)

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NameLizard (1844)Explanation
Launched28 November 1844
Builders measure340 tons
Displacement505 tons
Ships bookADM 135/286
Snippets concerning this vessels career
15 March 1845Commanded by Lieutenant James Archibald Macdonald, Mediterranean
31 October 1845Commanded by Lieutenant Henry Manby Tylden, south-east coast of America, including Anglo-French action in Uruguay
8 June 1847Commanded by Lieutenant William Alfred Rumbulow Pearse, south-east coast of America
1 January 1858Commanded by Lieutenant Edward Eyre Maunsell, Sheerness (tender to Waterloo), fishery protection in Scotish waters
3 July 1860Commanded by Lieutenant Edward Eyre Maunsell, Sheerness (tender to Formidable), fishery protection in Scotish waters
30 August 1861Commanded by Lieutenant William Spratt, Sheerness, tender to Formidable
1 April 1863
- 30 September 1865
Commanded by Lieutenant Henry Joseph Challis, Sheerness, tender to Formidable
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Ma 19 April 1852

SHEERNESS, April 18.

Her Majesty's screw steam frigate Horatio, 22, Captain the Hon. S.T. Carnegie, took in her powder on Thursday, and her crew received three months' wages in advance. She was inspected the following morning by Captain the Hon. Montagu Stopford, flag captain to Vice-Admiral the Hon. Josceline Percy, Commander-in-Chief at the Nore, who was accompanied by the flag lieutenant, the Hon. O.W.M. Lambart, and will sail most probably this day on a trial cruise to the Land's-end. The Horatio was built at BursledonExternal link, in 1807, on the lines of the Lively; she is of 1,000 tons burden, and has an auxiliary screw propeller of 350-horse power, fitted on a plan suggested by the late Rear-Admiral Lord John Hay.
Her Majesty's paddle-wheel steam vessel Lizard, Mr. Brockman, master commanding, conveyed Captain the Hon. Montagu Stopford and other officers to the Horatio on Friday forenoon. She at the same time towed the boats belonging to that ship. The Lizard remained alongside during the inspection, and afterwards returned with the flag captain, who mustered the officers and crews of the ships in harbour.
Her Majesty's screw steam sloop Desperate, 8, having completed coaling, came to moorings abreast of the dockyard, and adjusted her compasses. It is stated she will proceed to Chatham for the purpose of towing the Herald, Captain H. Denham, as far as the channel.
Her Majesty's paddle wheel steam sloop Basilisk, 6, Mr. G.H. Gardiner, commander pro tem., will shortly proceed to Woolwich, to assist in towing the vessels destined for the Arctic regions, under the command of Sir E. Belcher, as far as the ice.

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