HMS Queen Charlotte (launched as Boyne, 1810)
HMS Queen Charlotte (launched as Boyne, 1810)

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NameQueen Charlotte (launched as Boyne, 1810)Explanation
TypeSecond rate   
Launched3 July 1810
Builders measure2155 tons
Ships book
Note1834 = Excellent gunnery ship.
1859 = Queen Charlotte
Snippets concerning this vessels career
13 April 1832
- 28 August 1845
Commanded by Thomas Hastings, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
1 December 1834Renamed Excellent
28 August 1845
- 1 July 1847
Commanded by Henry Ducie Chads, gunnery ship, Portsmouth, and Superintendent of Royal Naval College
1 July 1847
- 1 July 1851
Commanded by Henry Ducie Chads, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
1 July 1851Commanded by Henry Ducie Chads, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
17 January 1854
- 18 June 1857
Commanded by Thomas Maitland, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
29 June 1857
- 31 December 1859
Commanded by Richard Strode Hewlett, gunnery ship, Portsmouth (replaced by Excellent)
22 November 1859Renamed Queen Charlotte
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Sa 8 December 1849

Portsmouth, Dec. 6.

In Port and Fitting

In the Harbour. - The Victory and Illustrious flag-ships, the Excellent gunnery ship; the Blenheim steam-guard-ship; the Eurydice, stripping to pay off; the Contest, fitting out; the Rolla apprentices' brig, laying up for the winter; the Fairy and Elfin, and Portsmouth yachts; the Flamer packet from Holyhead, and the Echo tug.
In Dock. - The Britannia, 120; the Dauntless, 24; the Fantome, 16; the Lily, 16; the Fox, 42; the Devastation, and the Birkenhead steam frigates.
In the Basin. - The Princess Charlotte, 104; the Actaeon, 26; and the Sprightly and the Bee steam-vessels.
In the Steam Basin, - The Ajax, 60; the Penelope, 22; the Sidon, 26; the Victoria and Albert royal yacht; the Urgent , the Pike, the Asp, and the Blazer.
Building. - The Royal Frederick, 120 [subsequently cancelled and later completed as Frederick William]; the Prince of Wales, 120; the Princess Royal, 90; the Argus, and the Furious steam sloops.
Sa 9 March 1850

Portsmouth, Friday.

In Port and Fitting

In Harbour. - The Victory, Illustrious, Blenheim, Excellent, Rolla, Fairy, Fanny, and Echo.
In Dock. - The St Vincent, Winchester, Fox, Fantome, and Penelope.
In the Basin. - The Lily.
In the Steam-Basin. - The Blazer, Birkenhead, Pike, Asp, Flamer, Comet, Elfin, Victoria and Albert, Hecate, and Termagant.
Sa 20 April 1850In Harbour. - The Victory, Excellent, Illustrious, Blenheim, Fanny, and Portsmouth tenders, the Echo tug, and the Locust steam-vessel.
In Dock. - The St Vincent, Winchester, Fox, Penelope, Rapid, and Electra.
In the Basin. - The Niger, Devastation, Fantome, Griffon, and Fairy.
In the Steam Basin. - Termagant, Hecate, Victoria and Albert, Bulldog, Blazer, Flamer, Pike, Asp, and Elfin.

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