HMS Torch (1859)
HMS Torch (1859)

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NameTorch (1859)Explanation
Launched24 December 1859
Builders measure428 tons
Displacement570 tons
Ships book
Snippets concerning this vessels career
14 June 1860Commanded by Commander Frederick Harrison Smith, west coast of Africa
5 January 1871
- 2 September 1871
Commanded by Commander Louis Geneste, West Coast of Africa
11 September 1871Commanded by Commander Joseph Edward Maitland Wilson
17 September 1871
- 30 October 1873
Commanded by Commander Hugh McNeile Dyer, west coast of Africa, then (March 1873), Mediterranean
23 October 1873
- 29 January 1876
Commanded by Commander Richard Henry Napier, Mediterranean
27 January 1876
- 7 March 1880
Commanded by Commander Richard Horace Hamond, Mediterranean
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Sa 21 May 1864The screw corvette Cadmus, 21, 400-horse power, which is undergoing a thorough refit and repair at Chatham Dockyard in readiness for the first division of the steam reserve, is to be supplied with a new Griffiths propeller, in lieu of her present screw, which is to be taken out. The Cadmus during the time she has been in dock has been fitted with a topgallant forecastle, and has undergone a general repair at an estimated cost of 12,000l. She will be out of the shipwrights' hands in the course of a fortnight.

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