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HMS Wellington (launched as Hero, 1816)

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NameWellington (launched as Hero)Explanation
Type3rd rate   
Launched21 September 1816
Builders measure1756 tons
Ships book
Note1816.12 = Wellington.
1862 = Akbar, t.s.
Snippets concerning this vessels career
December 1816Renamed Wellington
1 March 1848Commanded by Captain David Price, Sheerness, and Captain-Superintendent of Sheerness Dockyard
6 February 1854
- 1 April 1854
Commanded by Charles Hope, guard ship of Ordinary, Sheerness (replacing Monarch)
25 April 1859
- 31 May 1860
Commanded by Captain Robert Spencer Robinson, Superintendent of the steam reserve, guard ship of Ordinary, Devonport
25 May 1860
- 13 July 1860
Commanded by Captain Astley Cooper Key, guard ship of Sailing Ordinary, Plymouth (this was the last use of the word "Ordinary" to describe vessels not in commission)
14 July 1860
- 15 July 1861
Commanded by Commander Frederick Cannon, flagship of Rear-Admiral Thomas Sabine Pasley
1862Renamed Akbar

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